FAQs: The Coin Expert, an Expert in British Coins

Do you give individual coin valuations?

We do not give any coin valuations.
The Coin Expert was created to provide coin collectors and hobbyists an easy to use directory of coins and their relative values given past sold prices in the secondary marketplace.

How extensive is your coin directory?

Every week we add new coins, and we look towards completing as many coin profiles as possible.

How accurate are the estimated values?

Our eBay tool scans the past sold prices of the particular coin and takes an average of these values. 
This gives a real-world average value that has been achieved in the secondary marketplace.

Is this site monetized?

This site is a business and like all businesses, it needs to generate capital in order to stay afloat.
We use display ads and affiliate programs to generate this capital in order to continue to provide value to users.

I’m interested in writing about coins, can I write for you?

Here at the Coin Expert, we use a team of writers to produce content. You can use our contact form to enquire about writing for us.