2011 Capital Cities Badges Edinburgh £1 Coin




Year Issued: 2011

Mintage: around 935,000

Estimated Value: 7.50

The Capital Cities Badges Edinburgh £1 coin is the rarest £1 coin currently in circulation, due to its low mintage amount. This means it commands an above face value price on the secondary market. 

In 2011 there were two £1 coin designs minted alongside the standard £1 coin that was part of the capital cities series. The two cities in question for 2011 were Cardiff and Edinburgh, relating to Wales and Scotland respectively. Previously, London and Belfast designs had been minted in 2010 relating to England and Northern Ireland respectively. 

The 2011 Edinburgh £1 coin features a design of the four badges of the capital cities of the United Kingdom, with the badge of Edinburgh in focus. 

A simple collectable series, these capital city series coins represent the heritage of the 4 capital cities of the United Kingdom.