Angel of the North 10p Coin




Year Issued: 2018, 2019

Mintage: 220,000 in 2018

Estimated Value: 5.80

The Angel of the North coin is part of the 2018 A-Z 10p coin set issued by the Royal Mint in 2018. The A-Z 10p set aims to celebrate everything about Britain, from the Angel of the North representing the letter A to the Zebra Crossing representing the letter Z. As a highly collectable set, these coins are relatively rare to find in change with a low mintage amount. Alongside adding these coins to circulation, the Royal Mint also sells these coins as a set in uncirculated quality.

The Angel of the North is an iconic sculpture located in Gateshead in northern England. Designed by Antony Gormley, the Angel was installed in 1998 and has stood tall since then. A representation of the miners who worked beneath it, the Angel of the North is adored by many.

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