2018 Armistice £2 Coin



Year Issued: 2018

Mintage: N/A

Estimated Value: N/A

The design of the Armistice £2 coin by Stephen Raw features the words ‘The truth untold, the pity of war’, from the war poet Wilfred Owen’s poem ‘Strange Meeting’. Around the edge the inscription ‘THE FIRST WORLD WAR ARMISTICE 1918’ is visible. The background of the coin was modelled from clay taken from where Owen was killed in 1918. The Armistice £2 is in the final year of the 5 year commemorative series produced by the Royal Mint in honour of the events of World War One.

The Armistice £2 is yet to enter circulation, and as such we cannot provide a mintage figure or an estimated value. The only place where you can buy the coin is directly from the Royal Mint in brilliant uncirculated quality.