Castle Rushen Clock 20p




Mintage: N/A

Estimated Value: 1.50

The Castle Rushen Clock 20p was first issued by the Isle of Man treasury in 2004, and between then and 2016 has been issued many times. The coin was issued in tribute to the clock that can be found on Castle Rushen, a medieval castle located in the capital of the Isle of Man, Castletown.

The clock was given to the island in 1597 by Queen Elizabeth I whilst the island was under her control and is a notable landmark in the area. The clock can still be seen to this day and is functional.

There are currently no available figures for the mintage, but you can easily pick up one of these coins on eBay for around £1.50. We would estimate that the mintage figure would be quite low, given the small population of the Isle of Man.