Guernsey 20p Coin




Year Issued: 1982 (first issue)

Mintage: N/A

Estimated Value: 1.40

Since 1982, Guernsey has been independently minting its own coins, and they are still in circulation to this day. The Guernsey coins, also known as the Bailiwick of Guernsey coins due to the inscription on the coins, are not rare but can attract a premium price well above face value. Despite the fact these coins are not technically legal tender in the United Kingdom, they can regularly show up in change as it is unlikely that anybody will check them. As such, these coins are very common to find in the United Kingdom, and you will have probably come across one previously without even realising.  

There are many different designs of the Guernsey 20p out there, as it has been in circulation for years. Some of the most recognisable designs feature an inscription of the map of the Island. The price of these coins depends entirely on condition and the year the coin was minted, alongside if any error is present on the inscription.