1971 New Two Pence




Year Issued: 1971

Mintage: 1,454,856,250

Estimated Value: 0.99

Similarly to the 1971 ‘New’ One Penny, the 1971 ‘New’ Two Pence was the first of its kind. Following the decimalisation of the currency in 1971, each new coin would bear the inscription ‘New’ on it, to help the population transition into using the new coins and to stop confusion with the old coins. The two pence coin was issued alongside the one penny and halfpenny coins. 

The iconic design used for the coin on the reverse was created by Christopher Ironside and features the Badge of the Prince of Wales. Instantly recognisable, the design was used as recently as 2008. The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Arnold Machin, and since then 5 different designs have been used on the obverse. 

So, is it worth much? Well, as you can see, it can definitely sell above its face value of 2p on the secondary market. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is rare; there were 1,454,856,250 of these minted – the largest amount for any year of two pence coin to date. Although likely that a large amount of these coins were simple discarded or are worn to a great extent, they are still very common. It is the 1983 Two Pence with the error inscription of ‘New Pence’ that is worth a lot of money, and many people mistake the 1971 coin for having a similar rarity.