Aquatics 50p Coin



Year Issued: 2011

Mintage: 2,179,000

Estimated Value: 1.64

The Olympic Aquatics 50p coin is part of the series of 29 Olympic coins that were released in 2011 shortly before the London 2012 Olympics. This particular design by Jonathan Olliffe depicts a swimmer travelling through water.

In terms of rarity, the Aquatics coin comes in at 27 out of the 29 Olympic coins for mintage amount, meaning it has one of the highest amounts. It is also thought that the majority of the Olympic 50p coins have already been collected, so the impact of the varying mintage amounts is difficult to estimate.

In terms of market value, this design has an average sold value of £1.64 on eBay, over three times face value.

So, despite having a larger mintage than the majority of the other Olympic coins, the aquatics coin does still hold value.