Archery 50p Coin



Year Issued: 2011

Mintage: 3,345,000

Estimated Value: 2.00

The Archery 50p is part of the Olympic 50p series released in 2011. There were 29 50p coins released in total to commemorate the London 2012 Olympics, you can read our guide to the coins here. The Archery 50p design by Piotr Powaga shows a close-up image of a bow being drawn.

Out of all of the Olympic coins, the Archery 50p has the largest mintage amount. Whilst it can be difficult to estimate how many coins actually remain in circulation, alongside the fact that most of the Olympic coins will have already been collected, a larger mintage amount does correlate to a coin being less rare.

According to past sold values on eBay, the Archery 50p has an average value of £2.00. This is further evidence as to why mintage figures do not necessarily mean a particular coin is more valuable.