Battle of Britain 50p Coin




Year Issued: 2015

Mintage: 5,900,000

Estimated Value: 1.44

The Battle of Britain 50p issued in 2015 to commemorate 75 years since the Battle of Britain features a reverse design by Gary Breeze of 3 soldiers running towards some aircraft, with several planes already in the sky. The Battle of Britain was a key turning point in World War Two for the allies, as Britain defended itself in a fully airborne attack launched by the Germans. The interesting point of this coin is that it is the only official coin in the United Kingdom struck to mark the event.

The Battle of Britain 50p has a mintage of 5,900,000 and sells for around £1.26, almost 3 times face value. Collectors seem to enjoy the coin for its commemoration to such a key event during the war and its unique design.

Although not one of the rarest 50p coins out there, it could be worth picking one up if you’re into your military history.