Benjamin Britten 50p Coin




Year Issued: 2013

Mintage: 5,300,000

Estimated Value: 1.07

Benjamin Britten was a famous English musician who played a central role in 20th century music. Known for being a composer, pianist and conductor; he was internationally renowned for his work. He was particularly noted for his work in the opera industry. 

The Benjamin Britten coin features a design by Tom Phillips CBE RA on the obverse, with Ian Rank-Broadley’s design of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.  

Although many articles have been shown depicting this coin to be worth a lot of money, our eBay tool indicates that these coins do not sell for such amounts. 

The Benjamin Britten 50p was the first ever 50p coin to show the date and denomination on the obverse; slightly adding to its collectability.