Gibraltar 5p Monkey Coin




Year Issued: 1988 (first issue)

Mintage: N/A

Estimated Value: 1.49

Commonly referred to as the Gibraltar ‘Monkey’ 5p, the coin actually depicts an image of a Barbary Macaque, a species of Macaque that are found in a small population in Gibraltar with an interestingly unknown origin. First minted in 1988 and made of cupro-nickel, an alloy of copper that contains nickel, the Gibraltar 5p coin’s design has remained iconic till this day. It was not until 2004 that Gibraltar celebrated its tercentenary and issued a new release of coins that were minted by the Tower Mint in England. The 5p for this year had the design of the Mace of the House Assembly, which represents Gibraltar’s development in government and constitution. 

Although not technically legal tender in the UK, there are many Gibraltar coins that end up over here. The Gibraltar 5p does not sell for much, but it is definitely worth looking out for in your spare change.