How Much Is The 2016 Great Fire Of London £2 Coin Worth?

Remember historic moments in British history with a dreadful remembrance of a city in flames marking the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London. This 2016 Great Fire of London £2 coin will always be a reminder to never forget the destructive tragedy, but always celebrate the resilience that brought London back from the ashes.

Expect to pay an estimated value of about £3.46 to acquire this coin for your collection according to recent sold values on eBay.

How Many Great Fire of London £2 Coins Are There?

According to the Royal Mint, there was 1,625,000 Great Fire of London two pound coins minted. This low mintage makes the coin highly sought after by collectors.

There were also gold and silver proofs issued as well a Brilliant Uncirculated version including some released in sets.

The History Of The Two Pound Coin


The two pound coin that was introduced in 1998, dated 1997, is bi-metallic. The coin weighs 12 grams with a 28.4 mm diameter and is 2.5 mm thick. The two metals that make up the coin are Nickel-brass and Cupronickel. The coin is round and has a milled edge with incuse lettering to discourage counterfeiting and clipping, which is shaving off the metal along the edge.

From 1997 to 2015, the reverse side image definitive type was the Technology type £2 with a design by Bruce Rushin. It was then changed to the Britannia type £2 in 2015 with a design by Antony Dufort.

Annually, the Royal Mint releases commemorative two pound coins to celebrate important anniversaries, people, or aspects of British culture and history. The reverse designs were replaced on these special commemorative coins, but the obverse is always an image of the Queen.

The original two pound round coin obverse image was the work of Raphael Maklouf. His design was created in 1997 but not released until June 1998, the same year that the coin featuring the Fourth Portrait designed by Ian Rank-Broadley was released. In 2015, the obverse was redesigned with the 5th Portrait design by Jody Clark.

From 2015 to the present, the obverse of the two pound coin features a design by Jody Clark that is referred to as the Queen’s 5th Portrait. It depicts the crowned mature head of Queen Elizabeth II facing right. She is wearing the Royal Diamond Diadem crown that was worn on her Coronation Day.

The initials JC are present just beneath her portrait which stand for the artist Jody Clark.

Surrounding her head all around the outer rim of the coin is her legendary ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REG FID DEF which translates from Latin to mean Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith.

The Great Fire of London coin is one of the two pound coins that was designed to commemorate a special event or to honour someone. It is a bi-metallic coin consisting of two different alloys. The outer ring is a Nickel-Brass, and the inner circle is Cupronickel.

The reverse of the special commemorative The Great Fire of London two pound round coin features a design that was to remember an important event. It was released into circulation to mark the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London.

The Design Of The Great Fire of London £2 Coin

Great Fire Of London £2 Coin – Credit

The reverse design of this special two pound coin marks a very important moment in British history. Aaron West presents the design from the perspective of a Londoner seeking sanctuary on the Thames. As inspiration, he drew from first-hand accounts from popular figures such as Samuel Pepys.

The reverse side is an image of the dreadful fire that burned London to ashes. It is the design of Aaron West who portrayed a city with smoke billows rising as boats sit and wait in the Thames. The image is from the vantage point of a Londoner who found safety in a boat on the Thames as he watched the city burn.

The skyline extends the entire width of the coin, and a few boats and billows of smoke extend onto the outer rim as well. The designer said that he deliberately let the design spill over the border. He wanted to convey the feeling that the fire was completely out of control and unable to be contained.

The artist’s initials AW are seen just below the skyline of houses on the right-hand side inside the outer rim.

Around the image are the words 1666 THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON 2016. The words TWO POUNDS are centred toward the bottom rim of the coin.

The milled edge inscription reads THE WHOLE CITY IN DREADFUL FLAMES

This coin would reveal the new obverse design. The obverse is the Jody Clark design depicting the 5th Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that was first seen on the Britannia 2015 two pound round. The Queen is facing right. Her mature crowned head is wearing the Royal Diamond Diadem crown worn for her Coronation. His initials JC are under the Queen’s truncated neck.

What Does The Great Fire of London Coin Represent?

The coin remembers the Great Fire that changed London forever. It is a story of destruction but also one of great resilience.

The Great Fire of London ravaged the city, but that didn’t stop the people and their leaders from creating a new London built from the ashes.

The fire started on September 2, 1666. Just two days later, half of London was in flames. The blaze was finally extinguished on September 6.

The source of the fire was found to be a bakery, Thomas Farriner’s bakehouse that was located on Fish Yard, a small enclave off Pudding Lane near London Bridge. The rest of the details are still unknown. But, we do know that there were bread ovens in the bakehouse that could have been the cause.

The summer had been extremely hot, so the wooden houses would have been dry kindling ready to go up in flames. Also, there was a strong east wind that fanned the flames and caused them to quickly and easily spread from house to house.

When the fire was put out, about one-fifth of the city was still standing. Almost every civic building was lost, and about 13,000 homes were completely destroyed. An estimated 70,000 resident’s homes were swallowed up in flames. The huge fire also caused serious damage to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

A monument was erected close to where the fire started to be a constant reminder. In 2016, this coin was commissioned as a reminder as well.

Designer Of The Great Fire of London £2 Coin Reverse Image

Aaron West depicted the scene of the devastating fire on the commemorative coin. He is part of the design team for The Royal Mint. He was a member of the Royal Mint’s team of expert designers.

He also designed the Sir Isaac Newton 50p.

He joined the Royal Mint in June 2011. At that time, he had applied for a maternity cover position and then was offered a permanent position.

To design The Great Fire of London coin, he broke it down into three elements. First, he concentrated on the bottom of the image which holds the river and the boats. Then, he moved onto the middle part, which displays the skyline and the buildings. Finally, he focused on the top part of the design with the smoke. The smoke was the most challenging part of the design.

Where Can You Buy The Coin

Look at online platforms like eBay to buy or sell coins. Just make sure you do a lot of research first. Expect to pay an average selling price for the Great Fire of London £2 of an estimated value of about £3.46 for this specific profile. The exact price is going to depend upon what condition the coin is in.

If you are more interested in uncirculated coins then the Royal Mint is the best option.