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Paddington Bear 50p Coins: Find Out How Much They’re Really Worth

As an icon across all generations, Paddington Bear has secured his place as one of Britain’s most beloved fictional characters. His charming personality has seen him appear in numerous books, films, and tv shows and so it seemed fitting that he would be recognised on the latest commemorative 50p coins in 2018. Unsurprisingly, the coin ... Read more


Are 1977 Jubilee Crowns Worth Anything?

If you’re in possession of a 1977 Jubilee crown, you’ll be eager to find out just how much they’re worth. Although these coins can be purchased relatively cheaply at the moment, there are certain factors that can increase their value. On eBay, 1977 Jubilee crown coins sell for an average of £1.42. Silver proof versions ... Read more


What to do with your old coins and banknotes

Currency within the UK changes fairly frequently leading to coins and banknotes being taken out of circulation. When this happens, the Bank of England will usually give a set time period for people to exchange their old currency for the new coins or notes that are being released. But what happens if you miss this ... Read more



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1967 Sixpence: How Much Is The Coin Really Worth Today?

If you’ve come across a 1967 sixpence, you may wonder how much it’s worth. Unfortunately, this coin is not considered rare, and you can expect to sell one for roughly £1 on eBay according to the latest values in 2022. Highly graded versions can sell for between £5 and £10 but are uncommon. Let’s take ... Read more


How Much Is A 2002 Golden Jubilee Coin Worth?

The 2002 Golden Jubilee marked 50 years since Queen Elizabeth II succeeded the throne and was commemorated by the Royal Mint with a special Golden Jubilee £5 coin – but how much is this coin worth today? The regular version of the coin is worth just above face value at around £6.01 according to the ... Read more


1937 Crown: How Much Are They Worth Today?

To celebrate the unexpected coronation of King George VI a 1937 crown was issued, but what are they worth today? The value of a 1937 crown depends on the grade (condition) of the coin, as well as whether it is a proof version or not. Regular versions sell for around £50 in a respectable grade, ... Read more