How Much Is The WWF 50p Coin Worth?

The WWF 50p – also known as the ‘Animal 50p’ – has been the topic of many news articles and headlines regarding how much it is worth and how much some versions have sold for on eBay, but what is it actually worth?

The average selling price on eBay is £2.05 according to the most recent completed listings in 2022, with some selling for as much as £5 in circulated condition.

Let’s dive into the specifications of the coin, including the mintage and design, to see what makes it worth over four times face value to collectors.

2011 WWF 50p Mintage and Rarity

There were 3,400,000 minted 2011 WWF 50p coins that were put into circulation, which is quite a low amount when you consider other popular 50p coins like the Benjamin Bunny 50p which has a mintage of 25 million or the Tale of Peter Rabbit 50p with a mintage of just under 20 million.

Once you consider the circulating mintage it becomes quite clear to see why this coin is sought after.

The WWF 50p was also minted in other uncirculated versions for avid coin collectors:

  • Proof FDC with 28,974 minted including those found in the 2011 United Kingdom Proof Coin Set. This set consisted of 14 coins in a Deluxe and an Executive Proof Set.
  • There was also a Silver Proof FDC with 24,870 issued of 0.925 silver 0.2379 oz. ASW, 8.00 g, 27.3mm coins minted including those in The United Kingdom Silver Proof Coin Set limited to 2,500 in a 14-coin set, and The United Kingdom Silver Celebration Set with an unknown mintage limited to 1,500 and consisting of 6 coins in the set.
  • Additionally, there was a Silver Proof Piedfort with 2,244 issued including those in the 2011 The United Kingdom Silver Piedfort Set with a mintage unknown but limited to 2,000. The set is a 6-coin set of 0.25 silver coins.
  • Also issued was a Gold Proof FDC with only 243 issued in 0.917 Gold, 15.50g, 0.9167 gold 0.4565 oz. AGW, 27.3mm.
  • Finally, there were Brilliant Uncirculated with 67,299 minted including those found in the 2011 United Kingdom Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collection set consisting of 13 coins.

The WWF 50p is a great example of a coin that is still quite likely to pop up in your change every now and then whilst also being quite sought after.

2011 WWF 50p Design

The coin is part of the 50 pence design with a 7-sided shape that forms an equilateral-curved heptagon. This unique shape is sometimes referred to as a Reuleaux polygon.

Simply put, it is a curve of constant width leaving the diameter of the coin with a consistent measurement regardless of the bisection you choose to measure. As the name implies, the face value of the coin is worth 0.50 pounds sterling.

The coin was designed to celebrate 40 years of the work of the World Wildlife Fund, with a design in line with this commemoration.

WWF 50p Coin Design

The Reverse image is designed by Matthew Dent. It features the letters WWF in the centre just beneath a panda surrounded by various animals and elements of nature. There are carefully selected images of mammals, birds, fish, insects, lizards, fruit, seeds, trees, and plants as well as icons that represent the human impact such as a footprint.

The bottom centre of the coin is stamped with the date 2011, and the designer’s initials MD are to the far right of the bottom of the coin.

The Obverse design is that of Queen Elizabeth II from the Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS design. In this version, her mature head is crowned and facing right.

She is wearing the “Girls of Great Britain and Ireland” diamond tiara which was a wedding gift to her in 1947 from Queen Mary, her grandmother. She also wears this crown on the Machin and the Gottwald portrait designs. The small IRB below her head stands for the designer, Ian Rank-Broadley.

The words that surround her portrait are ELIZABETH II D G REG F D which means Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith. Underneath in the bottom centre show the value of the coin, FIFTY PENCE.

Commemoration Of The Coin

The 2011 WWF 50p coin celebrates the work of The Worldwide Fund for Nature WWF which began in 1961. It is the biggest conservation effort in the world. They work to save endangered species and to conserve nature and natural spaces.

The images of animals and nature that surround the WWF symbol are comprised of 50 different icons that stand for the wide range of work the WWF does.

WWF was founded by a group of people who were passionate about securing the needed funds to help protect species and green spaces that were being threatened by humans. Sir Julian Huxley began writing articles in a UK newspaper that encouraged the group to pursue their passion for wildlife and habitats in Africa.

Previously named World Wildlife Fund, hence the WWF, The World Wide Fund for Nature is an international independent organization not associated with a particular government. It still goes by the WWF name in the United States and in Canada.

WWF is a nonprofit, tax-exempt and charitable organization. Their mission is “to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.” The focus on six areas, specifically

  1. Food
  2. Climate
  3. Fresh Water
  4. Oceans
  5. Forests
  6. Wildlife

When they chose the panda as part of their logo, very little was actually known about the animal. Over the years, a lot of research has been conducted surrounding the giant panda and a conservation network was formed to protect the animal.

The WWF has also achieved work in:

  • Wetland conservation
  • Forestry stewardship
  • Water stewardship
  • Protecting the Amazon
  • Welcoming back the tiger
  • Implementing strategies to fight wildlife crime
  • Protecting elephants, rhino, and tigers from poaching
  • Advances for monarch butterflies
  • Reshaping agriculture
  • Climate change action
  • Charting a path to maintain and improve oceans
  • Working with Congress in the USA to protect the Northern Great Plains

Where Can You Buy The 2011 WWF 50p?

One of the fastest and easiest ways to shop for coins is online on places like Ebay.

Whilst you are sure to find a lot of listings for the WWF 50p, keep in mind the average selling price as well as the postage and packaging costs to make sure you are getting a good deal if you decide to go down this route.

The Royal Mint website is another option if you are looking for uncirculated versions of the coin, although you may find it difficult to locate some of the earlier 50p coins there.

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