1689 William and Mary Silver Coronation Medal: Expert Valuation

The 1689 William and Mary Silver Coronation Medal represents a remarkable fusion of historical significance and numismatic allure, marking the momentous ocassion of William and Mary’s ascendancy to the British throne. Struck by the Royal Mint, this limited edition silver medal not only commemorates an unprecedented event in British history but also epitomises the pinnacle of artistic and monetary craftsmanship of the era. Its rarity and the intriguing story underlying its issuance make it a highly sought-after piece among collectors, resonating deeply with those who appreciate the intricate relationship between monarchy, history, and numismatics.

This article delves into the multifaceted significance of the 1689 Coronation Medal, exploring its historical context, the factors that influence its value, and current market trends impacting its status as an investment piece. By examining the elements that contribute to its desirability—including its commemorative nature, the craftsmanship bestowed by the Royal Mint, and its limited edition status—readers will gain a comprehensive understanding of this sterling silver medal’s place within the broader spectrum of numismatic collecting. The exploration of current trends will provide valuable insights for collectors and investors alike, affirming the medal’s enduring legacy and appeal in the collectibles market.

Understanding the Historical Significance of the 1689 William & Mary Silver Coronation Medal

Background and Significance

The 1689 Coronation Medal is not just a collector’s item but a significant historical artefact that commemorates the dual coronation of William III and Mary II. This event marked a pivotal moment in British history, following the Glorious Revolution and the establishment of a constitutional monarchy. The medal, struck by the Royal Mint and crafted by John Roettiers, symbolises the transfer of power and the beginning of a new era in British governance. It also reflects the complex political landscape, with William demanding to reign alongside his wife as king in his own right, which was a departure from traditional consort roles.

Key Features and Design

The design of the medal is rich with symbolism and artistic merit. The front features the busts of William and Mary, signifying their joint reign, while the reverse depicts the classical myth of Phaethon. This imagery serves as an allegory of King James’s misrule and downfall, with William portrayed as Jupiter, rescuing the country from disaster. The exceptional craftsmanship of the medal, noted for its beauty and detail, underscores its importance as a commemorative item distributed among spectators at the coronation, enhancing its historical and numismatic value.

1689 William and Mary Silver Coronation Medal reverse
1689 William and Mary Silver Coronation Medal obverse

Factors Influencing the Value of the Medal

The value of the 1689 William and Mary Silver Coronation Medal is shaped by several critical factors:

  1. Rarity: This medal’s rarity significantly enhances its value. With only 1,200 silver pieces struck, its scarcity makes it a coveted item among collectors.
  2. Condition: The condition of the medal plays a crucial role in its valuation. Medals that are well-preserved, showing minimal wear and maintaining their original lustre, like those graded as extremely fine, are more desirable and thus more valuable.
  3. Historical Provenance: The medal’s provenance adds layers to its allure and value. Known to have been distributed at the coronation ceremony, its association with this significant historical event increases its worth. Notable past ownership, such as its possession by the Earl of Jersey and its featured presence in prestigious auctions, further elevates its status among collectors.
  4. Market Demand: The demand in the numismatic market also dictates the medal’s value. High demand among collectors, driven by its historical significance and rarity, ensures it commands a premium in the market.

These factors collectively contribute to the medal’s esteemed position in the realm of numismatics, making it a prized asset for collectors and historians alike.

Current Market Trends

The current market trends for the 1689 William and Mary Silver Coronation Medal reveal a dynamic and robust interest among collectors and investors.

Market Insights

The numismatic market has seen a consistent appreciation in the value of historical and commemorative items, with the 1689 Coronation Medal standing out due to its historical significance and limited availability. Recent auctions have highlighted a growing demand for such medals, particularly those in exceptional condition or with a well-documented provenance. This trend is fuelled by both seasoned collectors and new enthusiasts who are drawn to the unique historical narrative and artistic merit of the medal.

Price Ranges

The price range for the 1689 Coronation Medal varies significantly based on condition and rarity. Medals in pristine condition, especially those graded extremely fine or higher, can fetch premium prices in the market. Current listings show prices ranging from moderate for pieces with visible wear to exceptionally high for those in near-mint condition. This variance underscores the importance of condition in determining the value of numismatic pieces.


Through the exploration of the 1689 William and Mary Silver Coronation Medal, we have delved into the rich tapestry of British history and numismatics, revealing its significance as a collector’s treasure and a historical artefact. The key insights into its rarity, meticulous craftsmanship, and the pivotal moment it commemorates offer a comprehensive understanding of its elevated status in the realm of collectibles. Furthermore, the analysis of factors influencing its value—rarity, condition, historical provenance, and market demand—highlights its allure and value to collectors and investors, underscoring its prestige within the numismatic community.

The continued interest and dynamic market trends surrounding the 1689 Coronation Medal underscore the enduring legacy and appeal of such historical artefacts. As we reflect on its significance, both as a piece of history and a work of numismatic art, it is clear that the medal not only commemorates a monumental chapter in British history but also represents an invaluable investment in the rich heritage of collection and preservation. The discussion presented reinforces its worth and encourages further exploration and appreciation of historical numismatics, marking the article’s conclusion with a nod to the timeless value and intrigue of collecting pieces imbued with history and artistry.

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