1966 FIFA World Cup 2016 £5 Coin Value: What Collectors Should Know

The momentous victory of England in the 1966 FIFA World Cup not only marked a significant chapter in British football history but also ignited a sense of unyielding national pride, celebrated five decades later through the issuance of the 1966 FIFA World Cup 2016 £5 coin. This limited edition piece, minted by the Royal Mint, encapsulates the essence of one of England’s most triumphant achievements on the global stage. It serves as a palpable connection to an event that has etched itself into the annals of British history, making it a coveted treasure for numismatics and enthusiasts of the beautiful game alike. The commemorative coin, released in celebration of the 50th anniversary of England winning the World Cup, bridges the past and present, commemorating a time when football indeed came home.

This article aims to guide collectors through the labyrinth of collecting such prestigious tokens, delving into the historical significance of the 1966 FIFA World Cup coin, its design and specifications, and the multifaceted factors influencing its value. From the current market prices that echo its scarcity and demand to tips on how to judiciously buy, sell, and preserve this emblem of British sporting glory, the ensuing segments provide an authoritative roadmap. Embedded within each section is not just information, but a story – of a nation’s joy, a crowning achievement, and a piece of commemorative currency that continues to evoke national pride amongst the British people.

Historical Significance of the 1966 FIFA World Cup Coin

England’s 1966 World Cup Victory

The 1966 FIFA World Cup final, held at Wembley Stadium, remains a pivotal moment in football history, where England defeated West Germany 4-2 after extra time to secure their first World Cup. This victory not only marked England as the fifth nation to win the tournament but also as the third host nation to clinch the title following Uruguay and Italy. Fans famously remember the match for Geoff Hurst’s controversial ‘Wembley Goal’, which became a significant cultural reference in both England and Germany. As of July 2021, they celebrate the final as the most watched event on British television, attracting 32.30 million viewers and underscoring its lasting impact on the nation.

Commemorative Coin Issuance

In recognition of this historic event, the Royal Mint issued the 1966 FIFA World Cup 2016 £5 coin, commemorating the 50th anniversary of England’s victory. This coin serves not only as a collectible but as a symbol of national pride and a tangible link to England’s glorious football legacy. The issuance of this coin paralleled a surge in national enthusiasm, further evidenced by a special 4d stamp released in August 1966, which initially soared in value due to the public’s fervor. This coin, encapsulating the essence of an unforgettable victory, continues to be a prized possession among numismatics and football enthusiasts alike, representing a significant chapter in both British sporting and minting history.

Design and Specifications of the Coin

The 1966 FIFA World Cup 2016 £5 coin, issued by the Royal Mint, boasts a meticulous design and precise specifications that reflect its historical significance. This non-circulating coin, struck in .925 sterling silver, showcases a proof quality finish, ensuring it stands out as a premium collectible.

Front and Reverse Design

The obverse of the coin features the distinguished portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS. The depiction shows her wearing the iconic Girls of Great Britain Tiara, symbolizing her grace and the royal heritage. The reverse, crafted by Emma Noble, presents a captivating design that includes a football, a world map, the England badge, and a trophy, encapsulating the global nature of the event and England’s triumph.

Material and Weight

This commemorative coin is minted from .925 sterling silver, a testament to its quality and durability as a collectible. It weighs 28.280 grams and measures 38.61mm in diameter, providing a substantial feel and a size that appreciates its detailed engravings. The coin’s edge is reeded, adding to its tactile experience and making it a cherished item among collectors and enthusiasts of the sport and numismatics alike.

1966 FIFA World Cup 2016  £5 Silver Proof Coin
Limited Edition reverse

Factors Influencing the Value of the Coin

Rarity and Production Numbers

The rarity of the 1966 FIFA World Cup 2016 £5 coin is significantly influenced by its limited production numbers. With only 6,600 silver coins and a mere 120 gold coins minted, these factors greatly enhance the coin’s value among collectors. The exclusivity created by these limited mintages makes each piece a sought-after commodity in the numismatic community, reflecting a high rarity index.

Condition (Proof vs Circulated)

The condition of a coin plays a crucial role in determining its market value. The 1966 FIFA World Cup 2016 £5 coin, struck in 22 carat gold and finished to Proof standard, is particularly prized for its impeccable condition. Proof coins, known for their sharp detail and mirror-like finish, are typically more valuable than their circulated counterparts due to their aesthetic and collectible quality.

Market Demand

The market demand for the 1966 FIFA World Cup 2016 £5 coin reflects in its bullion value, which stands impressively at USD 2974.15. This value, although indicative, highlights the coin’s desirability in the market, driven by its historical significance and rarity. The robust demand is further bolstered by the coin’s association with significant cultural events, making it a valuable asset for collectors and investors alike.

Current Market Prices

The current market prices of the 1966 FIFA World Cup 2016 £5 coin reflect its rarity and desirability among collectors. With a bullion value of USD 2974.15, based on a gold price of 74,473 USD/kg, this coin represents a significant investment. It is important to note that this value is for informational purposes and fluctuates with the gold market.

Comparative Analysis

The Numista Rarity index for the 1966 FIFA World Cup 2016 £5 coin stands at 97, indicating its scarcity among collectors. This high rarity index is due to the limited mintage numbers, with only 6,600 silver coins and 120 gold coins produced. The rarity, combined with the historical significance of England’s only World Cup win, enhances the coin’s appeal and value in the numismatic market.

Recent Sales and Trends

Recent sales show a strong market demand for this commemorative coin. The company prices the silver variant at £82.50 and the gold variant at £1,800. Additionally, they donate 9% of the net retail price to the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK, adding philanthropic value to the purchase. Collectors are drawn not only to the coin’s monetary worth but also to its contribution to a noble cause, reflecting the enduring legacy of Bobby Moore and the 1966 World Cup team.

How to Buy, Sell, and Store the Coin

When engaging in the acquisition or sale of the 1966 FIFA World Cup 2016 £5 coin, collectors should prioritise transactions with reputable dealers and established platforms to ensure authenticity and fair pricing. It is advisable to consult trusted sources such as accredited numismatic dealers or well-known auction houses that specialise in collectible coins. Platforms that provide detailed seller ratings and feedback, such as those indicating a history of positive interactions and high-quality service, can offer additional reassurance.

Trusted Dealers and Platforms

Collectors should seek out dealers registered as business sellers with a track record of positive feedback. They should look for sellers with a substantial history of transactions, preferably specializing in numismatics. Information such as “100% positive feedback” and details about the number of items sold, like “18K items sold”, indicate a reliable seller. Engaging with sellers who are responsive, typically reply within 24 hours, and offer clear communication about item specifics and transaction terms is crucial.

Collectors must consider long-term preservation techniques to maintain the condition and value of the 1966 FIFA World Cup 2016 £5 coin. They should avoid using PVC storage options, as these can degrade over time and release acids that may damage the coin. Instead, they should opt for archival-quality materials such as Mylar or acid-free paper envelopes for safer storage. Collectors should store coins in a controlled environment, away from extreme temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight to prevent any potential environmental damage.

For enhanced security, especially for valuable collections, storing coins in safes or secure storage boxes is prudent. These should be placed in areas free from potential hazards such as water leaks or excessive heat. Collectors might also consider insurance options to protect their investment against unforeseen circumstances.

By adhering to these guidelines, collectors can effectively navigate the complexities of buying, selling, and preserving the 1966 FIFA World Cup 2016 £5 coin. They can ensure its historical and monetary value is maintained for future generations.


Reflecting on the journey through the rich narrative of the 1966 FIFA World Cup and the commemorative 2016 £5 coin, we’ve explored an emblem of British soccer’s pinnacle moment, and its lasting legacy captured within a piece of numismatic history. The coin encapsulates not only the triumph and national pride of England’s World Cup victory but also stands as a testament to the event’s enduring significance in British cultural and sporting heritage. This exploration has highlighted the intricacies of collecting such a prized artifact, delving into its historical roots, design excellence, and the nuanced factors that endow it with value.

The importance of this commemorative coin transcends mere monetary evaluation, encompassing a shared memory and a tangible connection to a historical event that continues to inspire pride and nostalgia among British football fans and collectors alike. As this article has shown, acquiring, selling, and preserving the 1966 FIFA World Cup 2016 £5 coin involves a deep appreciation for its historical context as well as strategic diligence. For collectors and enthusiasts, this coin is not merely a relic of the past but a beacon of a triumphant moment that remains relevant to the narratives of sporting excellence and national achievement.

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