2000 Gibraltar £5 Banknote – They Actually Rare?

Introducing the 2000 Gibraltar £5 banknote, a commemorative piece issued to mark the millennium and revered as a rare numismatic gem. This uncirculated currency note, emblazoned with Queen Elizabeth II, holds significant historical importance and has captured the interest of collectors worldwide.

Debate has raged over the rarity and investment potential of this banknote, with experts weighing in on its design, security features, and numismatic value.

Historical Background The pound sterling, serving as the official currency of the United Kingdom and British territories like Gibraltar, boasts a long and illustrious history. Gibraltar began issuing its pound sterling banknotes in 1914 during World War I, with initial denominations including 2/-, 10/-, £1, £5, and £50.

In 1927, Gibraltar introduced a new series of banknotes, eventually replacing the 10/- note with the 50p coin during decimilization. Over time, the design of Gibraltar’s banknotes evolved to reflect the territory’s rich history and culture.

Historical Background

The pound sterling has a long and storied history, serving as the official currency of the United Kingdom and several British territories, including Gibraltar. This British Overseas Territory has been issuing its own pound sterling banknotes since 1914, during World War I. The initial denominations included 2/-, 10/-, £1, £5, and £50.

In 1927, Gibraltar introduced a new series of banknotes, with the 10/- note later replaced by the 50p coin during decimilization. Over the years, the design of Gibraltar’s banknotes has evolved, reflecting the rich history and culture of the territory.

Key Milestones

1975 witnessed the issuance of a £5 Gibraltar banknote, featuring the Convent, the Governor’s residence, on the reverse. By 1995, the £5 banknote showcased a portrait of Tarik Ibn Zeyad, the Berber leader after whom Gibraltar is named, along with an etching of the Moorish Castle on the reverse. In 2000, the £5 Millennium note made its debut, commemorating the year 2000 with a design similar to the 1995 series but featuring a baroque rectangle framing “Commemorating the 2000 Millennium” on the front. The issuance of the 2000 Gibraltar £5 banknote marked a significant milestone, celebrating the new millennium and showcasing Gibraltar’s unique heritage through its design elements. Since then, this banknote has become highly sought after among collectors and numismatists, sparking discussions about its rarity and investment potential.

The issuance of the 2000 Gibraltar £5 banknote marked a significant milestone, as it celebrated the new millennium and showcased Gibraltar’s unique heritage through its design elements. This banknote has since become a sought-after item among collectors and numismatists, sparking discussions about its rarity and investment potential.

Design and Security Features

The 2000 Gibraltar £5 banknote boasts a distinctive design that commemorates the new millennium while incorporating elements of Gibraltar’s rich history and culture. On the front, the banknote features:

  1. The portrait of Queen Elizabeth II
  2. The English text
  3. The Gibraltar candytuft (Iberis gibraltarica) flower
  4. The coat of arms depicting a castle with a key
  5. A 7th-century BC Egyptian vase
  6. A crown
Queen Elizabeth II 2000 Gibraltar £5 Banknote obverse

Security Features

To ensure authenticity and prevent counterfeiting, the 2000 Gibraltar £5 banknote incorporates several security features, including:

A watermark of Queen Elizabeth II‘s portrait The signature of Timothy Bristow, the issuing authority A gold foil dolphin, adding a distinctive metallic element Printed on high-quality paper with a green color scheme, the banknote complements its intricate designs and enhances its overall visual appeal.

Numismatic Value

Classified as an uncirculated (UNC) note with Pick Catalogue ID P29 and The Banknote Book ID B127, the 2000 Gibraltar £5 banknote holds a unique place in the world of numismatics. Its pristine condition makes it highly coveted among collectors. However, specific details regarding its current market value or pricing in the collector’s market are not provided in the available content.

Investment Potential

The investment potential of the 2000 Gibraltar £5 banknote primarily hinges on its rarity, condition, and demand among collectors, rather than any inherent difference in value compared to other pound sterling banknotes. While all banknotes have face value, factors such as rarity, condition, and collector demand significantly influence their worth in the numismatic market.

Rarity and Condition

  1. Rarity: The 2000 Gibraltar £5 banknote was issued as a commemorative note to celebrate the new millennium. Its rarity depends on the total number of notes printed and the quantity that has survived in pristine, uncirculated condition. Limited supply and high demand from collectors can drive up the value of these banknotes.
  2. Condition: Banknotes in uncirculated (UNC) condition, which have never been in circulation and are free from any wear or damage, are highly sought after by collectors. The 2000 Gibraltar £5 banknote, classified as UNC, is likely to command a premium price compared to circulated or damaged notes.

Collector Demand

The demand for the 2000 Gibraltar £5 banknote among collectors is a crucial factor in determining its investment potential. Several factors can influence collector demand:

Historical SignificanceAs a commemorative issue celebrating the new millennium, the banknote holds historical value.
Design and ArtworkThe intricate design, featuring elements of Gibraltar’s history and culture, appeals to collectors.
Limited AvailabilityIf the number of available notes in pristine condition is limited, collector demand may increase.

While the investment potential of the 2000 Gibraltar £5 banknote is influenced by these factors, it is important to note that the numismatic market can be volatile and subject to fluctuations in demand and pricing. Proper research, authentication, and guidance from reputable dealers or experts are recommended for those considering investing in rare banknotes.


In conclusion, the 2000 Gibraltar £5 banknote stands as a captivating piece of numismatic history, celebrated for its rarity, design, and investment potential. Issued to mark the new millennium, this uncirculated note holds significant historical value and has become a prized item among collectors worldwide. With its distinctive design featuring Queen Elizabeth II and elements of Gibraltar’s rich heritage, coupled with stringent security features, the banknote captures both aesthetic appeal and authenticity.

While its exact numismatic value may be elusive, factors such as rarity, condition, and collector demand contribute to its allure as a valuable investment. Banknotes in pristine condition, like the 2000 Gibraltar £5 note, command premium prices in the collector’s market, reflecting their scarcity and desirability. However, potential investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research, as the numismatic market can be subject to fluctuations.

Ultimately, the 2000 Gibraltar £5 banknote exemplifies the intersection of history, artistry, and investment, offering enthusiasts a tangible connection to Gibraltar’s past while presenting opportunities for future appreciation in value. As with any investment, prudent consideration and guidance from reputable sources are essential for those seeking to delve into the world of rare banknotes.

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