The Coin of Queen: The Elizabeth II 4th Portrait; St. Paul’s Cathedral £2 Coin – Its Value and Legacy

The legacy of a nation is often encapsulated in its currency, with coins serving as tangible reminders of the country’s rich history. The United Kingdom has a long tradition of minting commemorative coins, and among them, the Elizabeth II 4th portrait; St. Paul’s Cathedral £2 coin holds a distinct place. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the past and present of this remarkable coin.

Coin Issuer

The United Kingdom, along with its overseas territories and crown dependencies, issued this historic coin. The fourth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, who has been reigning since 1952, adorns this coin.

Year of Issue

This circulating commemorative coin marked a significant event in the country’s history when it was released in 2005

Coin Value

This coin holds a denominational value of £2, equivalent to approximately $2.54 in USD.

Coin Composition

The coin has a unique bimetallic composition. It features a copper-nickel centre encased in a nickel-brass ring, giving it a distinct look.

Coin Characteristics

The coin weighs 12g and has a diameter of 28.4mm. It has a thickness of 2.5mm and a round shape. The coin’s milled technique and medal alignment further enhance its visual appeal.

2 Pounds - Elizabeth II 4th portrait; St. Paul's Cathedral obverse

Commemorative Issue

The coin commemorates the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II. The design features the fourth crowned portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II on the coin’s obverse side, with the regal Latin script around it.

Engraver’s Contribution

The credit for this exquisite design goes to Ian Rank-Broadley, a British sculptor known for his works on British coinage. The reverse side, designed by Robert Elderton, displays St. Paul’s Cathedral being illuminated by searchlights.

Mint Location

The esteemed Royal Mint, situated in Llantrisant, United Kingdom, minted this coin.

Special Remarks

The issuing authorities released the coin not only for circulation but also in individual packs of Brilliant Uncirculated quality. Some reports have surfaced regarding an error in the edge inscription, adding to the coin’s intrigue.

Market Value

Based on evaluations by ebay and sales on internet platforms, the coin’s value can reach up to ‎£ 649,00 , depending on its condition.

Collector’s Interest

The coin has garnered significant interest among collectors. Numerous Numista members have shown interest in exchanging the coin, demonstrating its appeal among numismatists.


On the Numista Rarity index, this coin scores a 7. The index ranges from 0 to 100, with 0 indicating a common coin and 100 a rare one among Numista members.

Whether you are a seasoned numismatist or a budding coin enthusiast, the Elizabeth II 4th portrait; St. Paul’s Cathedral £2 coin offers a little bit of history you can hold in your hand. Its rich heritage, unique design, and potential value make it a worthwhile addition to any coin collection.

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