How Much Is The 2013 Anniversary Of The Guinea £2 Coin Worth?

The Anniversary of the Guinea £2, often known as the Golden Guinea £2 coin, was the first time that another coin has been commemorated on a £2 coin. The real question is, however, how much is it worth today?

You can expect to pay around £3.14 for a circulated version of the coin on eBay according to the latest average value in 2022.

Not bad for a coin that was introduced into circulation around 8 years ago! Keep reading to find out how rare the coin actually is, as well as to learn the history behind the coin.

How Many 2013 Anniversary of the Golden Guinea Two Pound Coins Are There?

There was a total of 2,990,000 Anniversary of the Guinea £2 coins put into circulation in 2013. This year also saw the introduction of the London Underground £2 coins, as well as Benjamin Britten and Christopher Ironside 50p coins.

In terms of rarity, this figure is not particularly low – and this is reflected in the average sale price. For some perspective, the rarest £2 coin sells for around £40.

Alongside the circulated version there were also collectable versions of the coin issued for collectors by the Royal Mint and the mintages for these are summarised below.

VersionMintageEstimated Value
Brilliant Uncirculated23.843Around £10
Silver Proof2,625£80 to £100
Silver Proof Piedfort1,455£100-£180
Gold Proof343£1,000 to £1.500

The brilliant uncirculated figure above includes coins from the first-day cover, the 2013 annual coin set as well as those in the BU folder.

The Design Of The Guinea £2 Coin

The reverse of the special Guinea two pound round coin is the work of Anthony Smith ARBS who was a sculptor born in Glasgow. It features a design that was to commemorate the anniversary of the last date the Golden Guinea coin was struck, in 1813.

The design features an interpretation of the original Spade Guinea design, and is the reason why the coin is often referred to as the ‘Anniversary of the Golden Guinea £2’, or simply the ‘£2 coin with a shield’.

The outer ring surrounding the Spade on the reverse contains the words ANNIVERSARY * OF * THE * GOLDEN * GUINEA * 2013 *.

Anniversary of the Golden Guinea £2

The inner circle shows a shield with the arms of George III known as the Spade Guinea named for the shape of the shield that resembles a garden tool. This Spade was seen on the original 1663 minted Guinea coin.

Around the milled edge reads the words of a contemporary writer, Stephen Kemble with the inscription: WHAT IS A GUINEA? ‘TIS A SPLENDID THING. It was a line taken from “Odes, Lyrical Ballads and Poems on Various Occasions” in 1809. The saying continues with the words, “Which represents our sovereign lord the King”.

The obverse of the coin features the Fourth Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II facing right that appeared on the two pound coin from 1998 to 2015.

The Queen is wearing the “Girls of Great Britain and Ireland” diamond tiara which was a wedding gift from Her Majesty’s grandmother, Queen Mary, in 1947.

The initials IRB are present just beneath her portrait which stand for the artist Ian Rank-Broadley. Surrounding her head all around the outer circle is her legendary ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REG FID DEF which translates from Latin to mean Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith.

What Does The Coin Represent?

The guinea was the principal gold coin of Britain for centuries. It was associated with gentlemen, gentility, and good taste.

The guinea was minted between 1663 and 1813. and was the first gold coin struck using a machine.

The value of the guinea varied. It was worth one pound, or twenty shillings. But, since it was made of gold, its value went up and down as gold went up or down in worth. At its highest value, it was worth thirty shillings. Between 1717 and 1816, its value remained at twenty-one shillings.

The special commemorative 2013 edition of the two pound coin celebrates the 350th anniversary of when the Golden Guinea coin was last struck. The Guinea coin was last struck in 1813 before it was replaced with the Sovereign in 1817.

From the Restoration of the Monarchy to the Napoleonic Wars, the gold guinea was the coin of choice for the wealthy. In the aftermath of the English Civil War, the Republican coinage was replaced by the coinage that revealed the portrait of the newly restored King, Charles II.

If you want to learn more about guinea coins you can find our guide here.

Anniversary Of The Golden Guinea £2 Coin 2013 With Minting Error?

The Royal Mint has not confirmed any errors for the Guinea £2 coin, despite various eBay listings that will try to convince you otherwise.

This is a simple tactic that is used to artificially increase the prices of coins, which ultimately leads to more people getting ripped off. Always check the Royal Mint’s website for confirmed errors before trying your luck and buying one.

Where Can You Buy The Coin?

Looking for coins online through eBay is an easy and fast way to find some great additions for any collection. Obviously, as with any online shopping, make sure you are buying from trustworthy sellers who are selling what they say they are. Make sure to watch out for so-called minting ‘errors’ as well on listings.

If you’re interested in purchasing uncirculated coins, such as silver or gold proof, the Royal Mint’s shop is the best place to look.

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