How Much Is The Britannia 5th Portrait £2 Coin Worth?

Moving from Technology to a symbol of British power, the two pound round coin got a huge facelift in 2015 alongside the release of the Britannia 5th Portrait £2 Coin. Any collector knows that when a coin is redesigned, collectors are anxious to acquire these newly designed coins.

These coins are typically valued at more than double their intended original worth. If nothing else, they hold a great deal of sentimental or nostalgic value as a new release.

The 2015 Britannia 5th Portrait two pound Coin is the first to be released with both sides of the coin changed. To add the Britannia 5th portrait £2 coin to your collection, expect to pay an estimated value of about £4.14 according to average sold prices on eBay.

How Many Britannia 5th portrait £2 coins Are There?

This redesign of the two pound coin has been in circulation starting on March 2, 2015, to the present. The 2015 minting is one of the most scarce two pound coins in circulation. Only 650,000 coins were minted in 2015 making it one of the lowest minted coins.

The new release was also part of the annual BU and Proof sets as well as being offered as individual BU packs. The gold proof minted only 1,000 coins. The Silver Proof minted 6,000. And, the Silver Proof Piedfort minted 2,000 coins in 2015.

In addition to the coin’s new look, six different two pound coins were issued that were dated 2015. Of these, there were four commemorative coins that consisted of a WWI series to mark the Royal Navy involvement in the war. Another marked the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. Additionally, a special release of the Technology 4th Portrait coin was released in 2015 with a mintage of 35,360,058.

The History Of The Two Pound Coin

The bi-metallic round two pound coin was introduced in 1998 but is dated 1997. The coin weighs 12 grams with a 28.4 mm diameter and is 2.5 mm thick. The two metals that make up the coin are Nickel-brass and Cupronickel. The coin is round and has a milled edge with incuse lettering to discourage counterfeiting and clipping, shaving off the metal along the edge.

From 1997 to 2015, the reverse side image definitive type was the Technology type £2 with a design by Bruce Rushin. It was then changed to the Britannia type £2 in 2015 with a design by Antony Dufort.

The obverse of the coin was also replaced in 2015. This time the long-time Ian Rank-Broadley design was replaced by one created and initialled by Jody Clark with the marking JC.

The new obverse image still features Queen Elizabeth. But this design is referred to as the Fifth crowned portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II. She is facing right and wearing the George IV State Diadem.

Surrounding her head all around the outer rim is her legendary ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REG FID DEF 2015 which translates from Latin to mean Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith followed by the minting year of the new release.

In addition to the yearly coin release, the Royal Mint releases commemorative two pound coins to celebrate important anniversaries, people, or aspects of British culture and history. The reverse designs were replaced on these special commemorative coins.

Coin Printing Mistake

When the newly designed coin was issued in 2015, a few managed to enter circulation with a mistake. These “Inverted effigy” coins featured the Queen’s head rotated clockwise by about 150 degrees. Some coin experts believe that about 3,500 coins were released with this error.

The Royal Mint announced that the misalignment was “almost certainly the result of one of the dies working loose and rotating during the striking process”.

The Design Of The Britannia 5th portrait Two Pound Coin

Britannia 5th portrait £2 coin design
Britannia 5th Portrait £2 Coin Design – Credit

A new reverse image of the two pound coin was released in February 2015. This new design replaced the original Technology type. This design featured Britannia with a design by Antony Dufort.

The image is of Britannia, a standing female helmeted soldier bearing a shield and holding a trident. Her image extends from the centre of the coin out to the rim. She is wearing a Corinthian helmet. The shield is decorated with the crosses of the Union flag. The initials AD are seen along the rim just above the shield. The words TWO POUNDS are along the left-hand curved rim.

The milled edge inscription on this new 2015 design change reads QUATUOR MARIA VINDICO. Translated, this means, “I will claim the four seas”.

What Does The Britannia 5th portrait £2 Coin Represent?

Britannia is the national personification of Britain. She is presented as a warrior in a helmet, holding a trident and a shield. The name comes from the Latin version of the word for Great Britain.

The coin celebrated the return of the British cultural icon with the female warrior.

The image was first used in classical antiquity and appeared on early Roman coins. On the pound sterling, Britannia is seen with her shield and the Union Flag. Britannia was featured on many modern British coins until their 2008 redesign. She had not been seen on circulating coins since the 50p released in 2008. She continues to appear annually on the gold and silver Britannia bullion coin series.

Her spear is a trident to represent the Royal Navy and its victories.

Designers Of The Britannia 5th portrait £2 Coin Reverse Image

Two designers helped to create the 2015 Britannia coin. Antony Dufort designed the reverse image, and Jody Clark designed the obverse.

Antony Dufort

Antony Dufort designed the reverse image, and a newly designed portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse was the work of Jody Clark.

Antony Dufort was initially trained as a painter. In addition to his Britannia coin design, he is also known for sculptures including a 2016 sculpture called The Honourable Artillery Company, Armoury House London bronze sculpture to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.

He also designed the 2012 London Borough of Merton bronze plaque presented to Her Majesty The Queen to commemorate her visit to the Borough on May 15, 2012 as part of the Jubilee celebrations.

Other sculptures designed by him include the 2011 Three Tudor Commemorative sculptures, a monumental sculpture of Margaret Thatcher designed in 2007, a “Testing for gas” monumental sculpture, a 2003 sculpture of Cardinal Basil Hume OSB Archbishop of Westminster, a 2002 Marylebone cricket club MCC bowler for the Nursery Ground bronze sculpture, a 2000 miner tribute sculpture, and a 1997 London Oratory School Mother and Child sculpture. He also designed a plaque in 2006 for the Nottinghamshire County Council.

In the 1970s he attended the Chelsea School of Art and later designed for the Royal Mint after winning the competition by the Royal Mint. He also won the competition to design the reverse of the Gold and Silver Britannia Commemorative coins that year.

On this Britannia coin, he depicted the image of the Britannia goddess using his wife as inspiration. She was an immigrant from Poland. He wanted to depict the female warrior on the coin as a strong young woman that also fit the tradition.

The obverse designer Jody Clark

Jody Clark is an English engraver employed by the Royal Mint. He is known for his design of the Fifth definitive coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

He was the first employee of the Royal Mint in more than one hundred years to design the Queen’s portrait. He was only 33 when his design was chosen making him younger than any of the other designers chosen to create a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II for British coins.

He designed his representation of the obverse for the new 2015 two pound coin using computer-aided design software. The software turned his initial sketches into a low-relief model with no manual sculpting.

He attended the University of Central Lancashire and resides in the United Kingdom. He began his engraving career at the Arden Group alongside Julian Homer and Christopher Nield.

He joined the Royal Mint in September 2012. Since that time, he has worked on commemorative pieces that were given to attendees of the 2014 NATO Summit in Wales as well as medals struck to commemorate the 2014 Ryder Cup that took place in Scotland.

Where Can You Buy The Britannia 5th Portrait Two Pound Coin?

Look for coins to buy or sell on eBay. The average selling price on for the Britannia 5th portrait £2 coin is £4.14. Of course, the exact price of any coin depends on the exact condition the coin is in.