Peter Rabbit 2021 1oz Silver Proof Coin How Much Is It Worth And Is It Rare?

The Peter Rabbit 2021 1oz Silver Proof Coin marks a significant anniversary celebration for UK coin enthusiasts and investors, brought to life by the craftsmanship of The Royal Mint, known for its rich history in producing rare and limited edition coinage. This piece, combining detailed design with the allure of silver, is a testament to the Mint’s legacy of creating valuable collectibles that captivate collectors worldwide.

As a rare addition to any collection, the Peter Rabbit 2021 1oz Silver Proof Coin stands out for its unique design and the investment potential it holds. Its limited edition nature and the involvement of The Royal Mint ensure its desirability in the realms of both collectibility and value, making it a must-have for those passionate about commemorating history through coin collection.

Design and Features

Crafted with precision and artistry, the Peter Rabbit 2021 1oz Silver Proof Coin is a masterpiece that showcases the meticulous design work of Emma Noble and Ffion Gwillim. The coin’s reverse features a color design based on one of Beatrix Potter’s original illustrations of Peter Rabbit, capturing the essence of this beloved character in stunning detail.

  • The coin, made of 999 fine silver and weighing 31.21 grams, strikes to flawless Proof quality, ensuring a high level of detail with a mirror-like background. This proof finish enhances not only its collectible value but also makes it a high-quality collectible item.
  • The obverse design by Jody Clark complements the reverse’s artistic portrayal, encapsulating the coin’s British legal tender status with a face value of £2. The Royal Mint presents the coin in a case, accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, a handsome presentation box, and a booklet detailing the history of The Tale of Peter Rabbit. This comprehensive packaging ensures the coin’s integrity and authenticity, making it a perfect gift for various occasions.
  • With a low mintage of 5,110 and priced at £96.50, enthusiasts and collectors alike recognize the coin’s undeniable rarity. Its status as part of the Beatrix Potter collection and its commemorative KM Number of NEW further cement its value and collectibility.

This combination of detailed design, fine silver composition, and limited edition status makes the Peter Rabbit 2021 1oz Silver Proof Coin a valuable addition to any collection, celebrating the legacy of Beatrix Potter’s work in a tangible and lasting form.

Limited Edition Aspect

The allure of the Peter Rabbit 2021 1oz Silver Proof Coin is significantly enhanced by its limited edition status, making it a highly sought-after piece among collectors and investors alike. Here’s a closer look at its rarity and exclusivity:

  • Mintage Details:
    • Total available: 5,000 coins
    • Composition: 999 fine silver
    • Additional limited presentation: 250 pieces in 24-carat gold proof
  • Investment Appeal:
    • VAT-free and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exempt
    • Part of the esteemed Beatrix Potter collection, adding to its collectibility
  • Presentation and Authenticity:
    • Each coin is presented in a Royal Mint case
    • Accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity
Peter Rabbit 2021 1oz Silver Proof coin reverse

This coin’s limited availability, combined with its impeccable Proof quality and connection to the cherished Beatrix Potter series, positions it as a rare and valuable addition to any collection. The Peter Rabbit 2021 1oz Silver Proof Coin not only celebrates the legacy of Beatrix Potter but also represents a unique investment opportunity, free from VAT and CGT, making it even more appealing to collectors and investors focusing on silver and rare UK coins.

Collectibility and Value

The collectibility and value of the Peter Rabbit 2021 1oz Silver Proof Coin are significantly enhanced by its diverse product range and the prestigious crafting by the Royal Mint. Notably, the product range includes:

  • Brilliant Uncirculated Coin
  • Gold Proof
  • Limited-edition 2021 Peter Rabbit™ Minty® piggy bank

The coin’s grading by NGC as PF69 FR further elevates its status among collectors, indicating near perfection in quality. This grading, combined with its association with the Royal Mint and Beatrix Potter’s legacy, makes it a coveted piece for both coin collectors and fans of the author’s work.

Price variations reflect the coin’s high demand and limited availability:

  • Initial Pricing: Listed at £100.00, £60.00, and £107.50, indicating a range based on condition and packaging.
  • Auction Sales: Achieved auction prices between £1,050 to £1,380, showcasing its escalated value in the collector’s market.
  • Current Market: Offered at £105.00 or best offer, with postage varying, demonstrating the coin’s enduring appeal and potential as an investment.

These factors collectively underscore the Peter Rabbit 2021 1oz Silver Proof Coin’s significant collectible value and investment potential, making it a prized possession in any collection.

How to Spot a Genuine Piece

Identifying a genuine Peter Rabbit 2021 1oz Silver Proof Coin requires attention to detail and knowledge of the seller’s credibility. When considering a purchase, especially from online marketplaces like eBay, potential buyers should consider the following:

  • Seller Profile: The coin in question is listed on eBay by the seller identified as bbrown1976. This seller boasts a 100% positive feedback rating, which is a crucial indicator of their reliability and the authenticity of the items they offer. Prospective buyers are encouraged to review the seller’s feedback history for additional assurance.
  • Return Policy: Notably, the seller has a no return policy. While this might initially raise concerns, it’s essential to weigh this policy against the seller’s impeccable feedback rating. In the realm of rare and collectible items, such policies can be relatively common, but they underscore the importance of buyer diligence.
  • Verification Tips:
    • Cross-reference the seller’s username (bbrown1976) with other listings to ensure consistency in the quality and authenticity of their offerings.
    • Engage with the seller directly to request additional proof of authenticity, such as close-up images or details about the coin’s provenance.
    • Consider the seller’s history and specialization in coins or collectibles to gauge their expertise and reliability in providing genuine pieces.

By carefully evaluating these factors, collectors can navigate the complexities of online purchasing with greater confidence, ensuring that they add only authentic pieces to their collections.


Through the exploration of the Peter Rabbit 2021 1oz Silver Proof Coin, we have traversed the distinctive attributes that make this coin a remarkable addition to any collection, emphasizing its value both as a collectible and an investment. The unique design and craftsmanship, combined with the storied legacy of Beatrix Potter’s creation, heighten its appeal, ensuring that it stands out as a prized possession. Furthermore, its limited edition nature and the prestige of The Royal Mint elevate its status among enthusiasts, securing its desirability and potential for appreciation in value over time.

In summary, the Peter Rabbit 2021 1oz Silver Proof Coin embodies a confluence of artistry, history, and exclusivity. Its collectibility extends beyond mere aesthetics, reaching into the realms of investment and legacy preservation. For collectors and investors alike, acquiring such a piece promises not just ownership of a rare item but also a tangible connection to a rich cultural heritage. The coin’s enduring appeal underscores the importance of authenticity and the joy of collecting, encouraging a continuous journey of discovery and appreciation within the numismatic community.

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