The 10p Zebra Crossing Coin: A Detailed Look into Its Value

In the world of British numismatics, the Z 10p coin value holds a unique place, especially the variant featuring the iconic zebra crossing. Released as part of the Quintessentially British A to Z collection by the Royal Mint, this coin has captured the hearts of collectors with its blend of historical significance and aesthetic appeal.

The coin’s scarcity, alongside its representation of a piece of Britain’s cultural fabric, makes it a sought-after piece for collectors. This article delves into the design, rarity, and current market values of the zebra crossing 10p coin, offering insights for both seasoned collectors and newcomers to the field.

2019 Z – Zebra Crossing 10p Coin Rarity

In the intricate world of numismatics, the 2019 Zebra Crossing 10p coin stands out for its rarity and collectability. With a circulation mintage of just 63,000, it is notably scarcer than its 2018 predecessor, making it 3.5 times rarer and elevating its value significantly. Despite being challenging to find in circulation, the scarcity index of 9 highlights the 2019 coin’s scarcity, suggesting it is relatively common, yet its actual appearance in change is infrequent.

  • Comparison of Mintage and Value:
    • 2018 Zebra Crossing 10p: Circulation mintage of 220,000; UNC mintage of 130,750; valued at £2 (circulation) and £2.50 (UNC).
    • 2019 Zebra Crossing 10p: Circulation mintage of 63,000; UNC mintage of 27,075; valued at £7 (circulation) and £8.75 (UNC), making it 250% more valuable than the 2018 coin.

Its limited circulation and higher valuation in the collector’s market underscore the rarity of the 2019 coin, fetching between £10-£16. This significant increase in value, along with its limited availability, positions the 2019 Zebra Crossing 10p as one of the scarcest and most sought-after 10p coins in circulation.

Design and Symbolism of the Zebra Crossing 10p Coin

The design and symbolism of the Zebra Crossing 10p coin are deeply rooted in British culture, encapsulating a blend of historical significance and modern representation. The reverse of both the 2018 and 2019 coins features the iconic letter ‘Z’ prominently set on a depiction of a zebra crossing, a design conceived by the Royal Mint Team and attributed to the creativity of British M.P. James Callaghan. This element is not only a nod to the alphabetical series it belongs to but also pays homage to the zebra crossing’s introduction in 1949, which has since become an emblematic feature of British roads and pop culture. Notably, the famous Beatles Abbey Road album cover further cemented its status in popular culture.

Crafted from nickel-plated steel, the coin boasts a weight of 6.5g and a diameter of 24.5mm, specifications that ensure its durability and a pleasant tactile experience for collectors. The obverse side of the coin, designed by Jody Clark, presents the 5th portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, surrounded by the inscription “ELIZABETH II • DEI • GRA • REG • F • D • TEN PENCE • [2018 or 2019] •“, which adds a layer of regality and historical context to its design.

This 10p coin, as part of the A-Z 10p series by the Royal Mint, represents the first-ever commemorative UK 10p coin, celebrating ‘Quintessentially British’ themes. The zebra crossing design, in particular, stands as a testament to British innovation and cultural identity, making the Z 10p coin a valuable piece for collectors and enthusiasts of British heritage.

2019 Z - Zebra Crossing 10p reverse
2019 Z - Zebra Crossing 10p obverse

Current Values and Collectability

The collectability and current values of the Zebra Crossing 10p coins, particularly the 2019 version, are influenced by several factors including condition, availability, and market demand. For collectors, understanding these nuances is crucial:

  • Condition and Value:
    • Circulated 2019 Zebra Crossing 10p: Valued at approximately £7.
    • Uncirculated (UNC) 2019 Zebra Crossing 10p: Higher value at £8.75.
    • Notably, an uncirculated coin sold by ‘british_imperial_coins’ fetched £39.99, highlighting the premium collectors are willing to pay for pristine condition.
  • Market Availability:
    • Both circulated and uncirculated versions are sought after, with the uncirculated coins available for purchase directly from The Royal Mint website
    • The 2019 Zebra Crossing 10p coin was last seen on eBay fetching prices from £6 up to £37, indicating a vibrant secondary market.
  • Collectability Insights:
    • The coin’s rarity, especially the 2019 version, can command over 100 times its face value, surpassing even the famed Kew Gardens 50p in collector circles.
    • Available as part of a complete A-Z 10p set for £52, offering a convenient and cost-effective way for enthusiasts to acquire this iconic piece.

This dynamic market for the Zebra Crossing 10p coins, especially the 2019 edition, showcases their enduring appeal and the significant investment potential for discerning collectors.


Through the exploration of design, rarity, and market values, the zebra crossing 10p coin emerges as a coveted gem within the British numismatic community. Its cultural significance, coupled with its scarcity, positions the 2019 edition as a particularly desirable collectible, offering both aesthetic pleasure and potential financial gain. This deep dive into the coin’s characteristics underscores the blend of historical relevance and collector appeal that makes it stand out in the world of coin collecting.

The broader implications of collecting pieces like the zebra crossing 10p coin extend beyond mere acquisition. They provide a unique avenue for appreciating British heritage and understanding the dynamics of collectible markets. Whether for seasoned collectors or those new to the hobby, the journey of collecting these coins exemplifies the rich tapestry of British culture distilled into small, tangible pieces of history.

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