The 2017 UK Coin £1: A Valuable Asset in Your Pocket

The 2017 UK Coin £1 is no ordinary piece of change. Introduced to the world on 28 March 2017, this unique coin was dubbed ‘the world’s most advanced coin’ at the time of its release. It replaced the 34-year-old round pound with a state-of-the-art design, unique features, and increased security measures. However, the true value of this coin could be much more than a pound if you know what to look for.

A Peek into the Coin’s Design

The 2017 UK Coin £1 is bi-metallic and 12-sided, a design that not only distinguishes it from other coins but also enhances its security features. The outer band of the coin is a gold-coloured nickel-brass, while the inner disc is a silver-coloured cupro-nickel. This distinctive shape and colouring makes the coin instantly recognisable.

Holographic Security

The coin features a latent image, a unique security measure that presents a holographic effect. This image alternates between a ‘£‘ symbol and the number ‘1‘ when viewed from different angles. This feature, combined with the coin’s bi-metallic property, makes it one of the most secure coins in the world.

Micro-lettering and Milled Edges

On the lower inside rim of both sides of the coin, there is micro-lettering. The obverse “heads” side sports the words ‘ONE POUND‘, while the reverse “tails” side displays the year of production, such as ‘2017’.

Adding to the security features, the 2017 UK Coin £1 boasts milled edges with grooves on alternate sides. This not only enhances the coin’s distinctive design but also deters counterfeiting attempts.

A Hidden Security Feature

The coin incorporates a secret high-security feature built into its design, a safeguard against future counterfeiting. The specifics of this feature remain a mystery, further elevating the coin’s security status.

2017 New £1 reverse side

The Hunt for Valuable £1 Coins

While the 2017 UK Coin £1 is valuable in its own right, certain versions of the coin can fetch a much higher price. Factors such as die errors during production, trial coins, and alternate design coins can significantly increase the coin’s value.

Die Errors During Production

Die errors occur when the dies used in the minting process become misaligned. These errors can manifest in the coin’s design, such as rotations in the floral crown on the reverse side or misalignments in the Queen’s head.

The Value of Trial Coins

Before the official release of the 2017 UK Coin £1, over 200,000 trial coins were distributed to retailers for testing. Although these coins are not legal tender, they have been sold for hundreds of pounds on online auction sites, making them an unexpected treasure for the lucky few who possess them.

Collectible Coins: A Future Investment

To commemorate the achievements of pioneers like Jane Austen and Sir Isaac Newton, creators produced several versions of the 2017 UK Coin £1. Collectors and investors anticipate that these collectible coins will increase in value over time, potentially turning them into a goldmine.

The Most Valuable £1 Coins

According to experts at Chards, a leading UK coin and bullion dealer, the most valuable versions of the 2017 UK Coin £1 are the ‘proof‘ coins. These special pre-production samples are produced to a higher standard of finish and are often used for approval purposes.

Despite the production of over 2.2 billion 2017 UK Coin £1, the collector coins such as the silver proof, silver proof piedfort, and gold proof are the ones to invest in.


The 2017 UK Coin £1 is more than just a piece of currency. Its unique design, intricate security features, and potential for increased value make it a fascinating subject for numismatists, collectors, and anyone interested in the world of coins. Keep your eyes peeled for these coins — you never know, you might just have a small fortune in your pocket!

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