The Act of Union 1707 £2 Coin: A Celebration of British History

The Act of Union 1707 £2 coin holds a special place in the hearts of coin collectors and history enthusiasts alike. This coin commemorates a pivotal moment in British history, when the union of England and Scotland formed the Kingdom of Great Britain. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating story behind this coin, explore its design, specifications, and discuss the value it holds in your collection.

The Acts of Union: A Brief History

To truly appreciate the significance of the Act of Union 1707 £2 coin, we must first understand the historical context that led to its creation. Prior to 1707, England and Scotland were separate nations with their own laws, parliaments, and monarchs. However, they shared a monarch, as James VI of Scotland became James I of England in 1603. Despite this shared monarchy, the two nations remained politically and administratively distinct.

The Acts of Union, officially uniting England and Scotland into the Kingdom of Great Britain, were passed in 1707. These acts were the result of years of negotiations and debates, with the aim of creating a more unified and cohesive nation. The Acts of Union not only merged the parliaments of England and Scotland but also established a single currency and a common system of governance.

The Design: Symbolism and Meaning

The Act of Union 1707 £2 coin design reflects the historical importance of this significant event. Crafted by artist Yvonne Holton, it features an interlinked, quartered jigsaw pattern, symbolizing the union of England and Scotland to create a united kingdom.

The thistle and rose, symbols of Scotland and England, enhance the jigsaw design. These symbols appear to grow from the same root, representing their shared heritage and the unity achieved through the Acts of Union.

Furthermore, the design includes portcullises, symbols of the British Parliament. Their presence in two quarters underscores that the Acts of Union resulted from parliamentary decisions and highlights the role of Parliament in forming the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Specifications and Authenticity

The mint strikes the Act of Union 1707 £2 coin to proof standard, ensuring exceptional quality and craftsmanship. It consists of 12.00 grams of .925 sterling silver with a gold-plated outer ring, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance. The diameter of the coin is 28.40 millimetres, making it a substantial and visually striking addition to any collection.

Each coin comes with a certificate of authenticity, verifying its originality and limited availability. The Royal Mint issued only 8,310 coins of this design, making it a rare and highly sought-after piece for collectors. The coin’s original packaging from The Royal Mint further adds to its exclusivity and desirability.

Tracking the Product and Coin Details

If you are interested in adding the Act of Union 1707 £2 coin to your collection, tracking its availability and details can help you make an informed decision. The obverse of the coin features the fourth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. The reverse, as mentioned earlier, showcases Yvonne Holton’s intricate design with the quartered jigsaw pattern, thistle, rose, and portcullises. The reverse also includes the inscriptions “TWO POUNDS” and the anniversary dates.

The Act of Union 1707 £2 reverse

Condition and Authenticity Guarantee

When purchasing the Act of Union 1707 £2 coin, it’s essential to consider its condition and authenticity. The images provided may be stock photos, but rest assured that the coin you receive will be from the same issue and have the same specifications. It’s worth noting that some modern UK coins may develop toning or milk spots over time. While Britannia Coins does quality checks, coins displaying toning or milk spots cannot be exchanged.

Investing in History: The Act of Union 1707 £2 Coin

The Act of Union 1707 £2 coin is not just for collectors; it’s also a valuable investment in British history. Its limited production, beautiful design, and quality craftsmanship make it highly desired by both experienced collectors and those new to coin collecting.

Like any investment, it’s crucial to think about your budget, goals, and the potential for future value growth. The Act of Union 1707 £2 coin, with its historical importance and limited availability, could become a cherished family heirloom and a valuable addition to your collection.

Conclusion: A Coin of Historical Significance

In conclusion, the Act of Union 1707 £2 coin is a testament to the unity and shared history of England and Scotland. Its design, symbolizing the merging of the two nations, captures the essence of this pivotal moment in British history. With its exceptional quality, limited mintage, and historical significance, this coin is a valuable addition to any collection.

Whether you are a seasoned coin collector or someone fascinated by history, the Act of Union 1707 £2 coin offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of British heritage. Discover the rich history and value of this remarkable coin, and embark on a journey that celebrates the union of nations and the enduring legacy of the Acts of Union.

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