The Ultimate Review of the 2024 Waterloo Medal Allied Leaders 2oz

In the fascinating world of numismatics, the Waterloo Medal Allied Leaders 2oz Silver Proof Coin stands as a testament to both historical significance and artistic mastery. This exquisite piece of collectable commemorates the valiant efforts of the allied leaders during the pivotal Battle of Waterloo, marking a turning point in European history. Its release captivates collectors and history enthusiasts alike, offering a unique bridge between the past and present through a meticulously crafted 2oz silver proof coin. The significance of Waterloo, paired with the coin’s rarity and craftsmanship, positions it as a highlight within any collection, sparking a renewed interest in the events that shaped the modern world.

This article will navigate through the rich tapestry of history and relevance that the Waterloo Medal symbolises, before delving into the 2024 edition’s specifications that distinguish it from its predecessors. An artistic review will shed light on its design intricacies, followed by an investment analysis that evaluates its potential as a numismatic asset. Each segment is tailored to provide enthusiasts with a comprehensive understanding of this remarkable silver proof coin’s value, both as a historical artefact and a collector’s piece. As we explore the detailed craftsmanship, historical context, and investment potential, readers will gain an in-depth perspective on the 2024 Waterloo Medal Allied Leaders 2oz, reaffirming its status as a must-have for both seasoned and novice collectors alike.

History and Relevance of the Waterloo Medal

History of the Original Medal

The Waterloo Medal, commissioned after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, marked a significant shift in military honours, being the first campaign medal awarded to all ranks of soldiers. Initially, The Royal Mint, under the supervision of William Wellesley Pole, produced over 37,000 medals to commemorate the bravery of those who fought. This initiative set a precedent for future military recognitions and was a radical departure from previous practices where only officers received medals.

Role of Benedetto Pistrucci

An Italian engraver, Benedetto Pistrucci, designed a grand medal for the allied leaders and battle commanders. Despite taking over 30 years to complete the design, he could not see the medal struck during his lifetime due to its large size. Pistrucci dedicated his life to the Waterloo Medal project, which, despite its challenges, showcased his exceptional skills and left a lasting legacy in the numismatic world.

Impact on Collectors

The story of the Waterloo Medal and its intricate designs by Pistrucci have fascinated collectors and historians for centuries. The medal’s rich symbolism and high-relief striking make it a prized item among collectors. The Royal Mint has revisited Pistrucci’s original tools and designs to release commemorative versions, enhancing its appeal and value in the collectors’ market. This continued interest underscores the medal’s significance not only as a military honour but also as a work of art.

2024 Edition Specifications

Dimensions and Weight

The 2024 Waterloo Medal Allied Leaders 2oz features a substantial weight of 62.42g and a diameter of 40mm. These dimensions ensure that each coin presents a significant presence, both in hand and within any collection.

Purity and Composition

Struck by The Royal Mint, this coin boasts a fineness of 999.9, equivalent to 24 carat gold, reflecting its high purity. The coin contains exactly 2 troy ounces of gold, embodying both value and craftsmanship. Additionally, there is a silver proof variant with a purity of 999 fine silver, also weighing 62.42g, which caters to different collector preferences.

Edition Limits and Release Information

The gold proof variant of the 2024 Waterloo Medal is highly exclusive, with a maximum coin mintage of 221 and a limited edition presentation of only 195 coins. This scarcity is mirrored in the silver proof variant, which has a mintage limit of 2,950 coins. Both editions are part of a 2-part series, with the subsequent issue set for release in 2025. Each coin comes in a Royal Mint box accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, ensuring its status as a collectable. Furthermore, these coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax and VAT, enhancing their appeal as an investment.

Waterloo Medal Allied Leaders 2oz reverse

Artistic Review

Benedetto Pistrucci’s creation of the Waterloo Medal exemplifies artistic dedication and skill. Initially a gem engraver, Pistrucci transitioned to medal design, creating original wax models that gained the approval of the Prince Regent. His detailed sittings with the Prince led to the creation of the Waterloo Medal and other significant commissions like the Coronation medals.

The Waterloo Medal’s design showcases Pistrucci’s mastery. The obverse features left-facing portraits of the major allied rulers in Roman-style attire, symbolising their triumph with laurel crowns. The reverse depicts Wellington and Blücher on horseback with the allegorical figure of Victory and Jupiter above, symbolising divine intervention.

Pistrucci’s insistence on originality and meticulous detail is evident in the medal, which took over 30 years to complete due to its complexity and large size. The intricate scenes and allegorical elements reflect the historical significance of the Battle of Waterloo and Pistrucci’s unique artistic vision.

In the recent 2024 edition of the Waterloo Medal, artist Martin Jennings utilised modern techniques for the new royal portrait. Jennings’ approach involved digital modelling from photographs, contrasting with Pistrucci’s handcrafted wax models. This successful integration of traditional and modern techniques continues the artistic legacy that Pistrucci began, showcasing the evolution of coin engraving over the centuries.

Investment Analysis

The investment potential of the 2024 Waterloo Medal Allied Leaders 2oz Silver Proof Coin is underpinned by several factors, including its historical significance, limited edition status, and market trends.

Current Market Value

Based on recent auctions, the Waterloo Medal can fetch prices ranging from £1,000, depending on its condition and associated regiment. Notably, unique attributes such as the recipient’s name or regiment can significantly enhance a medal’s value. For instance, a medal awarded to a notable figure or from a distinguished regiment involved in key battles can command higher prices, as evidenced by a sale at Spink where a medal fetched £9,000.

Predictions for Collectors

Experts predict that the value of the 2024 edition will appreciate, particularly due to its association with The Royal Mint’s Great Engravers series and its commemoration of Benedetto Pistrucci’s designs. The series’ previous releases have seen rapid sell-outs, suggesting strong future demand. This edition’s scarcity, with only 2,950 silver proof coins minted, is likely to drive further interest and potential value increases.

Comparison with Other Historical Coins

When compared to other historical coins, the Waterloo Medal stands out for its artistic and historical significance. Coins from the Great Engravers series, especially those featuring iconic designs like St George and the Dragon, have performed well on the secondary market. The Waterloo Medal’s unique design and backstory provide a strong foundation for its investment potential, making it a compelling addition to any collection.

These factors collectively make the 2024 Waterloo Medal Allied Leaders 2oz a promising investment for both seasoned collectors and new enthusiasts, offering both historical appreciation and potential financial return.


Through a thorough exploration of the 2024 Waterloo Medal Allied Leaders 2oz Silver Proof Coin, this article has illuminated its historical gravitas, exceptional design, and investment potential. The coin not only commemorates a pivotal moment in history through the artistic genius of Benedetto Pistrucci but also marks a significant opportunity for collectors and investors alike, given its rarity and intricate craftsmanship. Highlighting the medal’s evolution from a profound military honour to a revered collectable item showcases its enduring appeal and significance in the numismatic landscape.

As we reflect on the Waterloo Medal’s journey from its origins to the latest 2024 edition, it’s clear that its legacy continues to captivate and enthral. The convergence of artistry, history, and investment merit encapsulates the essence of what makes collecting such a rewarding pursuit. With the anticipation of its release, the 2024 Waterloo Medal Allied Leaders 2oz stands as a testament to the enduring allure of numismatics, inviting both enthusiasts and newcomers to partake in its storied tradition. Whether as a homage to historical triumphs or as a beacon of artistic and financial value, the medal remains a distinguished addition to any collection.

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