The Wedgwood 2019 £2 BU Coin: A Collector’s Perspective

In the fascinating realm of numismatics, the Wedgwood 2019 £2 coin stands out as a piece of British coinage that elegantly bridges the gap between historical significance and modern collectibility. The Royal Mint crafts this limited edition commemorative coin with meticulous precision to celebrate the 260th anniversary of one of Britain’s most revered potters, Josiah Wedgwood. This collector’s item immortalises his innovation and contributions to the pottery industry, making it a must-have for enthusiasts of both British history and numismatic treasures. The release of this coin not only honours Wedgwood’s legacy but also highlights the enduring legacy of British craftsmanship and design.

The article delves into the detailed specifications of the Wedgwood 2019 £2 coin, offering readers an insight into its unique coin design and features that set it apart from other pieces in British coin collections. Collectors’ perspectives on the significance and appeal of this specific piece provide an enriched understanding of its value in the numismatic community. Furthermore, the financial aspects of coin collecting, including this coin’s potential as an investment, are discussed, alongside a comparison with similar coins released in 2019. This educational overview aims to equip readers with a comprehensive understanding of why the Wedgwood 2019 £2 coin is not just another piece of currency, but a cherished collector’s item that encapsulates a significant piece of Britain’s rich heritage.

Detailed Specifications of The Wedgwood 2019 £2 BU coin

The Wedgwood 2019 £2 coin, issued to celebrate the 260th anniversary of the iconic British brand, showcases a remarkable blend of artistry and minting sophistication. This section delves into the materials, finish, and minting process that contribute to the coin’s uniqueness and appeal among collectors.

Materials and Finish

The coin is struck in 0.925 sterling silver, a choice that enhances its lustre and durability. It features a silver proof finish, which is known for its mirror-like appearance and exquisite detail. The specifications include a diameter of 28.40mm and a weight of 12g, making it both substantial and tactile. The limited edition presentation is capped at 3,000 units, highlighting its exclusivity.

Minting Process

The Royal Mint, known for its rigorous quality standards, has produced this coin with a brilliant uncirculated quality, which is a finer finish than standard circulating coins. The obverse of the coin bears the fifth portrait of Elizabeth II by Jody Clark, signifying its official status as legal tender. The reverse, designed by the Wedgwood Design Team, features the renowned Portland Vase, symbolising Wedgwood’s legacy. The edge inscription, “EVERYTHING GIVES WAY TO EXPERIMENT“, echoes Josiah Wedgwood’s innovative spirit.

This coin not only serves as a legal tender but also as a testament to British craftsmanship, combining historical reverence with modern numismatic technology.

The Wedgwood 2019 £2 reverse

Collectors’ Insights on the Wedgwood £2 Coin


Collectors of the Wedgwood 2019 £2 coin share a common appreciation for its numismatic craftsmanship and its role in celebrating British heritage. Many highlight the coin’s design, featuring the iconic Portland Vase by the Wedgwood Design Team, as a significant factor in their admiration. The intricate details and the historical significance of the vase, coupled with the coin’s brilliant uncirculated quality, make it a standout piece. One collector noted, “The depiction of the Portland Vase, a symbol of Josiah Wedgwood’s innovation, beautifully encapsulates over two centuries of artistry. It’s not just a coin; it’s a piece of history.”

Market Demand

The market demand for the Wedgwood 2019 £2 coin is robust, driven by its status as a limited edition collector’s item. With a mintage cap at 3,000 units for the silver proof version, and additional packaging options enhancing its collectability, enthusiasts are eager to secure this commemorative issue. The coin’s availability in a presentation box also adds to its appeal as a perfect gift or keepsake, reflecting its value beyond mere currency. The Brilliant Uncirculated version, offered initially at £8.99 and now valued around £13, demonstrates a healthy appreciation in value, indicative of its desirability in the numismatic community.

Financial Aspects of Coin Collecting

Initial Purchase Cost

The Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) Wedgwood £2 Coin was initially available for purchase at £8.99. This price reflects the coin’s new condition and its quality as a BU coin, which the mint produces to a higher standard than circulating coins. These coins display more detail and lack the marks and scratches typically found on circulation quality coins, making them more desirable for collectors and investors alike.

Resale Value

The resale value of the Wedgwood 2019 £2 coin has shown a healthy appreciation, with current values around £13 for a BU coin, marking a significant increase from its issue price. This appreciation is indicative of the coin’s desirability in the numismatic market. Moreover, sellers on platforms like eBay have sold the coin for as high as £48.99, especially when packaged in original Royal Mint packaging, which further enhances its collectability and potential resale value. Additionally, collectors should note that the coin’s precious metal content influences investment in such coins.While some coins may have minor imperfections like edge knocks, these do not generally affect their value as bullion.

Comparison with Similar Coins from 2019

The Wedgwood 2019 £2 coin, commemorating 260 years since the formation of the iconic Wedgwood pottery brand, stands distinct among other British numismatic releases of the same year. This section compares the Wedgwood £2 coin with similar coins issued in 2019, focusing on aspects such as popularity among collectors and value appreciation.

Popularity Among Collectors

The Wedgwood 2019 £2 coin, not struck for circulation and thus not found in everyday change, holds a unique appeal. Available initially in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) quality, it was released on 22 March 2019. The coin’s design, crafted by the Wedgwood Design Team, features the classic ceramic pottery pot, making it a significant collector’s item due to its aesthetic and historical value. In comparison, other £2 coins released in 2019 were available in circulation and featured more contemporary designs, which did not specifically target collectors interested in British heritage and historical craftsmanship.

Value Appreciation of The Wedgwood 2019 £2

Regarding financial appreciation, the Wedgwood £2 coin initially retailed at £8.99 and has seen a modest increase in value, now estimated around £13 for a BU coin. This appreciation is notable given its non-circulating status and limited mintage figures. Official distributors have sold 15,529 coins in Wedgwood Royal Mint packs and an additional 40,802 in other packaging formats.This contrasts with other 2019 £2 coins, which, while they may have higher mintage figures, do not exhibit the same rate of value appreciation due to their broader availability and circulation status.

The combination of exclusive design, limited availability, and historical significance has positioned the Wedgwood 2019 £2 coin favourably among numismatic collectors and investors, distinguishing it from other commemorative coins issued in the same year.


Throughout this exploration, we’ve reacquainted ourselves with the Wedgwood 2019 £2 coin, a shining beacon in the numismatic landscape that encapsulates not just the artistry of British coinage but also the rich tapestry of Britain’s industrial and cultural heritage. Its meticulous craftsmanship, combined with the legacy of Josiah Wedgwood, renders this coin an extraordinary collector’s item, bridging the gap between historical reverence and modern collectibility. As we’ve seen, its distinctive design and the Royal Mint’s renowned minting process elevate it from mere currency to a testament of British excellence in craftsmanship and design.

The Wedgwood 2019 £2 coin’s appeal lies not only in its aesthetic and historical value but also in its promising potential for financial appreciation. The vibrant interest from the numismatic community, coupled with its limited issuance, underscores its significance and desirability as an investment. This collector’s gem stands as a tribute to innovation and tradition, urging us to cherish and continue exploring the rich narratives encapsulated within the realm of commemorative coins. As we conclude, the Wedgwood coin nudges us towards a deeper appreciation of numismatics, bridging past and present, and inviting us to keep delving into the stories behind the coins that commemorate our collective history.

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