Unveiling the 2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo: A Masterpiece in Silver

Commemorating a Legendary Engraver

The launch of the 2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin by The Royal Mint marks a momentous occasion for numismatic enthusiasts worldwide. This exquisite release pays homage to the illustrious William Wyon, one of Britain’s most celebrated engravers, whose artistic prowess left an indelible mark on British coinage.

Wyon’s legacy is deeply intertwined with the iconic “Three Graces” design, a masterpiece that has captivated collectors for centuries. The 2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin offers a contemporary interpretation of this revered motif, allowing modern-day collectors to own a piece of numismatic history.

A Rare and Exclusive Offering

Striking a balance between artistic brilliance and scarcity, The Royal Mint has issued a strictly limited mintage of 3,500 coins for this remarkable release. This exclusive production run ensures that each 2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin is a true rarity, destined to become a coveted addition to any discerning collection.

Uncompromising Quality and Craftsmanship

True to The Royal Mint’s unwavering commitment to excellence, the 2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Crafted from 999 fine silver, this two-ounce numismatic treasure boasts a substantial weight of 62.42 grams and an impressive diameter of 40 millimeters.

The Proof Finish: A Hallmark of Perfection

The coin’s Proof finish is a true masterclass in minting artistry. Each coin is meticulously struck multiple times using hand-finished dies, ensuring that every intricate detail of Wyon’s iconic design is captured with unrivaled precision and depth.

The low-pressure striking process, combined with a slower striking speed, preserves the finer nuances of the design, resulting in a breathtakingly crisp and frosted finish that sets these coins apart from their circulating counterparts.

Celebrating a Numismatic Icon

William Wyon: The Genius Behind the Design

The 2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin pays homage to William Wyon, a name synonymous with artistic excellence in British coinage. Wyon’s tenure as the Chief Engraver at The Royal Mint from 1828 to 1851 was marked by a series of iconic designs that have stood the test of time.

Among his most celebrated works is the “Three Graces” motif, a neoclassical masterpiece that graced the reverse of the British Crown from 1817 to 1900. This intricate design, inspired by the ancient Greek sculpture of the same name, depicts three graceful female figures intertwined, symbolizing beauty, charm, and fertility.

A Timeless Design Reborn

The 2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin captures the essence of Wyon’s original design, reimagined for the modern era. The reverse showcases the three intertwined figures in exquisite detail, their flowing robes and delicate features brought to life with unparalleled artistry.

On the obverse, the coin features the latest coinage portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, designed by esteemed sculptor Jody Clark. This seamless fusion of past and present creates a harmonious visual narrative, celebrating Britain’s rich numismatic heritage while embracing contemporary artistic expression.

Investing in Numismatic Excellence

A Rare Opportunity for Collectors

The 2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin represents a rare and coveted opportunity for collectors to acquire a piece of numismatic history. With its limited mintage and exceptional craftsmanship, this coin is poised to become a highly sought-after addition to any collection, appreciated for its artistic merit and potential for long-term value appreciation.

Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio

Beyond its collectible appeal, the 2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin offers a tangible investment opportunity. As a legal tender coin struck in 999 fine silver, it serves as a hedge against economic uncertainties and provides a means of portfolio diversification for savvy investors.

By incorporating precious metal assets like this coin into their investment strategies, collectors can benefit from the potential for long-term growth and stability, while enjoying the added allure of owning a piece of numismatic artistry.

Securing Your Piece of History

With such a limited mintage, the 2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin is expected to be in high demand among collectors and investors alike. To ensure you don’t miss out on this exceptional release, it is advisable to act swiftly and secure your coin from The Royal Mint or authorized dealers.

Preserving Your Investment

To maintain the pristine condition of your 2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin, it is recommended to store it in a protective capsule or airtight container, away from moisture, direct sunlight, and harsh environmental conditions. Proper handling and storage will not only preserve the coin’s beauty but also safeguard its long-term value.

Exploring the Coin’s Specifications

Denomination and Mintage

  • Denomination: £5 (Five Pounds)
  • Maximum Coin Mintage: 3,510

Alloy and Weight

  • Alloy: 999 Fine Silver
  • Weight: 62.42 grams


  • Diameter: 40.00 millimeters

Design and Quality

  • Reverse Designer: William Wyon
  • Obverse Designer: Jody Clark
  • Quality: Proof

Additional Details

  • Year: 2020
  • Pure Metal Type: Silver
2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin reverse
2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin obverse

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The 2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin is a true masterpiece, embodying the rich heritage of British numismatics and the timeless artistry of William Wyon. With its limited mintage, exceptional craftsmanship, and investment potential, this coin is poised to become a highly coveted addition to any collection.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of numismatics, the 2020 Three Graces Two-Kilo Silver Proof Coin offers a rare opportunity to own a piece of history and celebrate the enduring legacy of British coinage. Act swiftly to secure your coin and embark on a journey of discovery, appreciation, and potential growth.

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