Mrs Tittlemouse 50p Coin




Year Issued: 2018

Mintage: 1,700,000

Estimated Value: 4.20

The Mrs Tittlemouse 50p coin came in at 4th in our top 5 list of the rarest circulating 50p coins. The Mrs Tittlemouse 50p features design by Emma Noble, depicting a large portrait of the Mrs Tittlemouse character, with the inscription ‘MRS. TITTLEMOUSE ‘ around the edge.

The Mrs Tittlemouse 50p coin is part of the Beatrix Potter collection, a series of coins dedicated to the books written by Potter. All of the coins in this series are highly collectable, some more than others. As previously mentioned, the Mrs Tittlemouse 50p is the 4th rarest 50p in circulation; which adds to its value above just being part of the Beatrix Potter collection.

Despite being highly collectable, there is a good chance that one of these coins could be found in your change.