2024 List of Most Valuable and Rare Round £1 Coins

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the fascinating world of rare and valuable round £1 coins. Over the years, certain editions of these coins have gained significant worth due to their limited production and circulation. Whether you’re a coin collector, investor, or simply curious about the hidden treasures in your pocket, this article will provide you with valuable insights into the 2024 list of the most valuable and rare round £1 coins.

The Scarcity Index

To determine the rarest and most valuable round £1 coins, experts at numismatic world have developed the Scarcity Index. This index takes into account various factors such as limited mintage, circulation, and current market demand. By analyzing these factors, the Scarcity Index highlights the coins that are highly sought after by collectors and likely to appreciate in value over time.

Scotland: Edinburgh City (2011)

One of the most valuable round £1 coins on the 2024 list is the “Scotland: Edinburgh City” edition from 2011. This coin is considered the pinnacle of rarity due to its extremely limited production and circulation. Featuring the iconic Edinburgh City design, this coin has become a true gem for collectors. Its current market value is estimated to be as high as £20.

Wales: Cardiff City (2011)

Another rare round £1 coin from the 2024 list is the “Wales: Cardiff City” edition, also released in 2011. With its distinctive Welsh design, this coin is a true collector’s item. Its scarcity is attributed to the limited number of coins produced and circulated. If you happen to have this coin in your wallet or collection, its value could reach up to £30.

England: London City (2010)

The “England: London City” edition from 2010 is another noteworthy coin on the 2024 list. Designed to showcase the iconic landmarks of London, this round £1 coin has gained popularity among collectors. Its limited mintage and unique reverse design make it a highly sought-after piece. Currently, the value of this coin can reach up to £15.

Scotland: Thistle & Bluebell (2014)

The “Scotland: Thistle & Bluebell” round £1 coin, released in 2014, is a hidden gem among collectors. Featuring the national floral emblems of Scotland, this coin holds significant cultural and historical value. Due to its limited production and circulation, it has become increasingly rare in recent years. Its market value is estimated to be around £10.

The Crowned Shield (1988)

One of the earliest round £1 coins to gain value and rarity is the “Crowned Shield” edition from 1988. While initially widely circulated, many of these coins have been withdrawn from circulation due to wear and tear. This withdrawal has contributed to their scarcity, making them highly sought after by collectors. The current market value of the Crowned Shield coin can vary but can reach up to £10.

N.I.: Flax & Shamrock (2014)

The “N.I.: Flax & Shamrock” round £1 coin, released in 2014, is a valuable find for collectors. This coin represents the distinctive features of Northern Ireland, with the flax and shamrock symbols adorning its design. Its limited production and circulation make it a rare find in the market. The current value of this coin can reach up to £8.

Wales: Daffodil & Leek (2013)

The “Wales: Daffodil & Leek” round £1 coin, minted in 2013, holds both cultural and aesthetic significance. Depicting the national floral emblems of Wales, this coin has become a favorite among collectors. Its scarcity is due to its limited release and subsequent withdrawal from circulation. The market value of this coin can range up to £8.

N.I.: Belfast City (2010)

The “N.I.: Belfast City” edition from 2010 is a round £1 coin that holds historical and regional value. Designed by Stuart Devlin, this coin features the circular Coat of Arms of Belfast, representing Northern Ireland. Its scarcity is attributed to its relatively low mintage and limited circulation. Collectors can expect the value of this coin to be around £7.

Scotland: Lion Rampant (1994)

The “Scotland: Lion Rampant” round £1 coin, minted in 1994, showcases the heraldic emblem of Scotland. The Lion Rampant symbol has represented the Scottish kingdom since the 13th century, making this coin historically significant. Its rarity stems from its limited production and circulation. Currently, the market value of this coin can reach up to £6.

England: Millennium Bridge (2007)

Released in 2007, the “England: Millennium Bridge” round £1 coin features the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, a prominent landmark in England. As part of a series depicting bridges from each of the four constituent countries in the United Kingdom, this coin has gained popularity among collectors. Its limited release and unique design contribute to its rarity and value, which can reach up to £5.

N.I.: Flax (1986, 1991)

The “N.I.: Flax” round £1 coin, introduced in 1986 and reissued in 1991, holds historical significance for Northern Ireland. The flax plant, with its fibres used for centuries in world-famous linens, represents the region’s rich textile heritage. This coin’s scarcity is attributed to its withdrawal from circulation and limited availability. Collectors can expect the value of this coin to be around £5.


The 2024 list of the most valuable and rare round £1 coins offers a glimpse into the world of numismatics. These coins, with their limited production and circulation, hold both historical and cultural significance. If you happen to possess any of these coins, you may be sitting on a treasure that could appreciate significantly in value over time. Whether you’re a collector, investor, or simply intrigued by the allure of rare coins, exploring the world of round £1 coins is an exciting endeavor.

Please note that the values mentioned in this article are estimations based on current market trends and may vary. It’s always recommended to consult with reputable coin dealers or experts for accurate valuation.

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