How Much Is Your 2015 Elizabeth II Waterloo £5 Worth Today?

The 2015 Elizabeth II Waterloo £5 coin stands as a remarkable piece of numismatic history, marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. This coin not only captures a pivotal moment in history but also embodies the rich heritage of the British monarchy, making it a sought-after piece among collectors. As its value continues to intrigue both collectors and investors, understanding what determines its worth today is more relevant than ever. The commemorative £5 coin features distinct attributes and significant historical relevance, which contribute to its appeal and potentially its financial appreciation over time.

This article delves into the historical significance of the 2015 Elizabeth II Waterloo £5 coin, factors influencing its value, and practical advice on how to determine the current worth of this notable £5 coin. By exploring these aspects, readers will gain insight into the coin’s uniqueness, including its design, production, and role in commemorating a watershed moment in British and European history. Whether you are a seasoned numismatist or a new enthusiast in the fascinating world of coin collection, understanding the value of the Elizabeth II Waterloo coin will enhance your appreciation for this exceptional piece.

Historical Significance of the 2015 Elizabeth II Waterloo £5 Coin

Design and Significance

The 2015 Elizabeth II Waterloo £5 coin commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, a pivotal event that significantly shaped European history. This coin features a design that captures the alliance between the Duke of Wellington and General Blucher, which was crucial in defeating Napoleon’s forces. The design, crafted by David Lawrence, is inspired by Daniel Maclise’s 1815 painting in the House of Lords, depicting the victorious handshake between the two generals. This moment symbolises the camaraderie and strategic collaboration that led to peace in Europe after two decades of conflict.

The reverse of the coin portrays the handshake with a backdrop of war casualties and weaponry, serving as a poignant reminder of the battle’s high cost. The edge of the coin is inscribed with Wellington’s words, “THE NEAREST RUN THING YOU EVER SAW“, reflecting on the battle’s intensity and the narrow margin by which it was won. This inscription not only adds historical authenticity but also emphasises the dramatic nature of the victory.

This £5 coin not only serves as a collectable but also as an educational piece, allowing holders to reflect on a significant chapter in British and European military history. The coin’s design and inscriptions offer a gateway to exploring the complexities of the Napoleonic Wars and their lasting impact on Europe’s geopolitical landscape.

2015 Elizabeth II Waterloo £5 reverse

Factors Influencing the Value of the Coin

Rarity and Mintage Numbers

The rarity of the 2015 Elizabeth II Waterloo £5 coin significantly influences its market value. Mintage numbers provide a clear indicator of rarity; lower mintage often correlates with higher value due to scarcity. For instance, the Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) versions of the coin have varying mintage numbers, with figures reported as 42,451, 48,848, 36,060, and 30,926 for different batches. These numbers are critical for collectors and investors, as they determine the coin’s availability and potential rarity in the numismatic market.

Condition and Grade

The condition and grade of a coin determine its valuation. Higher-graded coins on the numismatic scale, like those in Mint Condition or Proof quality, fetch higher prices due to their preserved state and aesthetic appeal. The 2015 Elizabeth II Waterloo £5 coin comes in different grades, including Bullion, BU, and Proof, with significant price variations. Collectors highly value Mint Condition coins for their near-perfect state and lack of visible wear, leading to premium prices. In contrast, collectors value Bullion Grade coins mainly for their metal content rather than their collectability, especially when these coins show signs of wear.

Demand among Collectors

Collector interest also impacts the value of commemorative coins like the 2015 Elizabeth II Waterloo £5. The historical significance of the Battle of Waterloo and the artistic depiction of key figures such as the Duke of Wellington and General Blücher enhance collector interest. Coins that capture unique historical events or feature intricate designs are often sought after by numismatists. Additionally, special editions and limited release versions can further stimulate demand, leading to increased market value. The coin’s role in commemorating a major historical event and its numismatic craftsmanship make it a desirable item for both seasoned collectors and new enthusiasts.

How to Determine the Value of Your Coin

Throughout the exploration of the 2015 Elizabeth II Waterloo £5 coin, we have journeyed through its historical significance, unraveling the story behind its design and the momentous event it commemorates. This coin not only serves as a tangible piece of British and European history but also stands as a testament to the intricate art of numismatics. The variables affecting its value, from rarity and condition to collector demand, highlight the complexity and allure of coin collecting. Such analysis enhances our appreciation for this notable commemorative coin, illuminating its place in both history and the present-day market.

The convergence of historical importance and numismatic value in the 2015 Elizabeth II Waterloo £5 coin underscores its appeal among collectors and historians alike. By understanding the factors that contribute to its worth, enthusiasts are better equipped to assess and cherish this piece. This coin’s narrative and valuation speak volumes of the Battle of Waterloo’s enduring legacy and the meticulous craft of coinage. It reminds us that behind every coin is a story, encapsulating chapters of history, craftsmanship, and collective memory, urging us to delve deeper into our heritage and the fascinating world of numismatics.


The 2015 Elizabeth II Waterloo £5 coin, crafted by The Royal Mint, encapsulates a significant historical event with profound expertise and artistic detail. The coin’s design, inspired by Daniel Maclise’s 1815 painting, features the iconic handshake between the Duke of Wellington and General Blücher. This imagery not only symbolises the alliance that was pivotal in defeating Napoleon at Waterloo but also serves as a poignant reminder of the conflict’s heavy toll, represented by the surrounding casualties and weaponry.

The Royal Mint, with its rich heritage dating back over 1,100 years, continues to celebrate British history through its commemorative coins. These coins are not merely currency but are artefacts of numismatic art that carry deep historical significance and are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The 2015 Waterloo £5 coin, available in various finishes including Gold Proof, Silver Proof, and Brilliant Uncirculated, offers collectors and investors alike a piece of history that is both aesthetically pleasing and financially valuable.

As we reflect on the Battle of Waterloo’s impact on European history, this coin serves as a bridge connecting the past with the present, allowing us to appreciate the complexities of historical events and their lasting influence on our world. The Royal Mint’s commitment to craftsmanship and its role in commemorating significant national events ensure that each coin is a testament to both history and the art of minting.

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