The 1995 Dove of Peace £2 Coin: A Valuable Piece of History

The 1995 Dove of Peace £2 Coin holds a special place in the hearts of collectors and history enthusiasts. Issued by the Royal Mint to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, this coin symbolizes peace and goodwill. In this article, we will explore the significance of this iconic and rare coin, its design features, variations, and its value in the numismatic market. Join us on this journey to discover the hidden treasures behind this incredible coin.

A Symbol of Peace and Remembrance

The 1995 Dove of Peace £2 Coin honors the courageous individuals of World War II. With its iconic Dove of Peace, it stands as a reminder of their sacrifices for a brighter future. Encircling the coin, the inscription “1945 IN PEACE GOODWILL 1995” captures the post-war spirit of hope and reconciliation.

Design and Specifications

The 1995 Dove of Peace £2 Coin’s design speaks volumes about its historical importance. One side features the graceful Dove of Peace, a universal symbol of harmony. On the reverse, Queen Elizabeth II symbolizes the British monarchy’s continuity during this pivotal time. The coin measures approximately 28.4mm diameter 2mm thickness mm in diameter and weighs 15.98 grams.

Variations and Collectability

For collectors, this coin offers a range of variations that add to its allure. The Royal Mint issued this commemorative coin in different compositions, including Sterling Silver Proof, Piedfort Silver Proof, and cupro-nickel Uncirculated. Numismatists highly seek the Sterling Silver Proof coins, which come in protective capsules, for their exquisite craftsmanship and limited mintage. VIP collectors particularly prize the Piedfort Silver Proof coins, which are double the thickness of the standard Sterling Silver Proof, for their rarity and unique aesthetic.

1995 Dove of Peace £2 Coin reverse
1995 Dove of Peace £2 Coin obverse

Value and Rarity

Determining the value of a 1995 Dove of Peace £2 Coin can be an exciting venture for collectors. The rarity and condition of the coin play a significant role in its worth. While the cupro-nickel Uncirculated versions may hold sentimental value, their numismatic value is relatively modest. On the other hand, the Sterling Silver Proof and Piedfort Silver Proof versions are highly valued by collectors for their precious metal content and limited availability. It is essential to consult with reputable numismatic experts or reference price guides to assess the current market value accurately.

Circulation and Recognition

The 1995 Dove of Peace £2 Coin holds immense historical and collectible value. However, not all circulating £2 coins are gold or silver. Enthusiasts pursue these valuable versions, while the base metal ones lack such worth. To spot a potential gold or silver version, check its thickness: if it’s thicker than the current bi-metal £2 coin or akin to a 10p coin’s thickness, it might be worth more than face value.

Collecting and Investing in the 1995 Dove of Peace £2 Coin

For those intrigued by the allure of the 1995 Dove of Peace £2 Coin, collecting or investing in these coins can be a rewarding endeavor. As British Legal tender, these coins are Capital Gains Tax Free (CGT Exempt), making them an attractive choice for British investors. Collectors can acquire these coins from reputable dealers, who offer insured and allocated storage solutions. The high-security vaults managed by Brink’s ensure the safety and preservation of these valuable pieces of history.


The 1995 Dove of Peace £2 Coin stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of peace and remembrance. Its elegant design, historical significance, and collectible variations make it a coveted treasure for both numismatists and history enthusiasts alike. Whether you are a passionate collector or an investor seeking a valuable addition to your portfolio, this incredible coin offers a tangible connection to a significant moment in time. Embrace the beauty and symbolism of this coin and discover the stories it holds within its precious metal composition.

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