The Unexpected £2 Coin That Could Fetch You a Hundred Pounds

Have you ever glanced past the coins nestled in your wallet, dismissing them as mere pocket trinkets? Well, it’s time to take a closer look. A thrilling revelation is shaking up the world of numismatics and catching the eye of everyday coin aficionados alike. Enter a remarkable find: a £2 coin minted in error. This unexpected discovery has set enthusiasts abuzz with excitement, igniting a fervor among collectors and curious individuals alike. With its rarity, this coin holds the potential to command a significant value, speculated to soar as high as £1000. So, before you overlook that jingle in your pocket, pause to inspect, for you may just hold a treasure worth far more than its face value.

The Discovery of the Error Coin

Coin Hunter, a renowned collector’s group, recently discovered an unusual £2 coin minted in error. This specific coin,  2016 Army £2 , had an incorrect inscription around its outer rim. Typically, these coins bear the phrase “for king and country”. However, this particular piece mistakenly bore the inscription “the whole city in dreadful flames”.

2016 Army £2 coin  minted in error
Image Credits – Coin Hunter UK

How the Error Happened

The error seems to result from striking the coin with the inscription intended for the Great Fire of London £2 coin. A coin collector first noticed the mistake on a coin found in a bank bag of change in North Ayrshire, Scotland. It remains unclear whether the error affected only coins intended for circulation or also those sold by the Royal Mint in collectable packs.

The Potential Worth of the Error Coin

According to experts from Coin Hunter, such an unusual coin minted in error could fetch up to £100. The value of such “error coins” is usually high, as they are rare and often sought after by collectors. However, it’s essential to remember that the final price depends on what a collector is willing to pay.

ww coin mindted in error
Image Credits – The Sun

The 2016 Army £2 Coin

The 2016 Army £2 coin was the third issue in the Royal Mint’s five-year First World War Centenary series. It was minted to commemorate the role of the Army, with the reverse of the coin featuring the outline of a soldier’s face, designed by Tim Sharp.

What to Look Out For

If you’re curious about whether you have one of these coins, there’s good news. If you bought any of the collector packs, you should be able to see the edge of the coin without opening the packaging. This means you can check for the error inscription without damaging the coin’s packaging and potentially decreasing its value.

Verifying Your Coin

Given the potential value of the coin, it’s crucial to verify its authenticity. Websites and Facebook groups from change experts like Coin Hunter can help you determine if your coin is genuine. Alternatively, you can also request verification from the Royal Mint.

Selling Your Coin

If you’re lucky enough to have one of these coins and are considering selling it, remember that there’s no guaranteed amount that you could receive on platforms like eBay unless you set a reserve price.

Other Rare Error Coins

Error coins are not a new phenomenon. There are several other rare error coins that could be worth a significant amount. For more details, check out our guide on the rarest error coins that could be worth up to £3,100.


In conclusion, this discovery underlines the notion that our everyday spare change might hold significant value beyond its face. It prompts us to reconsider the seemingly mundane coins in our possession, recognizing the potential treasures they may conceal. Therefore, when you come across a £2 coin, seize the opportunity to scrutinize it closely—each one could harbor a hidden gem waiting to be unearthed. Embracing this perspective opens doors to a world of numismatic exploration, where the thrill of discovery awaits those willing to delve deeper into the currency circulating around them. So, don’t simply dismiss your change as trivial; rather, regard it as a potential portal to uncovering fascinating historical and monetary insights. With a curious eye and an appreciation for the unexpected, every coin becomes a chance to connect with the past and perhaps stumble upon a valuable piece of history right in the palm of your hand.

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