The Great Fire of London 2016 UK £2 Gold and Silver Proof: A Commemoration of Resilience

The Great Fire of London stands as one of the most dramatic moments in England’s history. This catastrophic event, which occurred in 1666, left a lasting impact on the city and its inhabitants. To commemorate this historic event, The Royal Mint released the Great Fire of London 2016 UK £2. Crafted in 22 carat gold and finished to The Royal Mint’s unrivaled Proof standard, this coin is not only a collector’s item but also a testament to the resilience of London.

A Design Inspired by Devastation

The reverse of the coin, designed by Aaron West, depicts the city of London engulfed in flames from a distance. The design captures the devastating scenes of the time, allowing us to imagine the horror and destruction that the Londoners faced. This eye-catching design has become a favorite among collectors, resonating with those who appreciate the historical significance of the Great Fire of London.

Exploring the Historical Significance

The Great Fire of London was a pivotal moment in the city’s history, and this coin aims to capture its essence. The accompanying booklet delves into the inspiration behind the design, drawing from first-hand accounts such as Samuel Pepys’ diary entries. By exploring the role played by The Royal Mint’s home at the Tower of London, the booklet provides a deeper understanding of the event’s historical context.

Specifications and Rarity

The Great Fire of London 2016 UK £2 Gold Proof Coin holds several specifications that make it a coveted piece for collectors. With a maximum coin mintage of 1000, this coin is a limited edition item. The Royal Mint ensures the exquisite craftsmanship of the coin by crafting it from 22 carat yellow gold for the inner layer and 22 carat red gold for the outer layer. The coin weighs 15.97g, and its diameter measures 28.40mm, meeting The Royal Mint’s Proof standard to guarantee its quality.

The Great Fire of London 2016 UK £2 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin is a commemorative coin that pays tribute to one of the most significant events in the history of London. The coin, made from pure silver, features a detailed design that captures the devastation caused by the fire and the subsequent rebuilding of the city. The obverse side of the coin showcases the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse side depicts a dramatic scene of flames engulfing the city. Collectors and history enthusiasts alike highly seek after the limited edition coin. Crafted in 925 sterling silver, the coin weighs 24.00g and measures 28.40mm in diameter. Its outer layer is .925 sterling silver plated with fine gold. The Royal Mint’s Proof standard ensures the exquisite craftsmanship of the coin, guaranteeing its quality.

The Great Fire of London 2016 UK £2 Gold Proof
The Great Fire of London 2016 UK £2 Gold Proof Coin – Credits

The Great Fire of London 2016 UK £2 Gold Proof obverse
The Great Fire of London 2016 UK £2 Silver Proof Piedfort obverse

The Updated Mintage Figures: Rarity Confirmed

Recently, researchers discovered a mistake in the listing of the mintage figure for the Great Fire of London £2 coin, which has led to a revised understanding of its rarity. They have confirmed the correct figure of 1,625,000, catapulting this coin higher on the mintage charts. Previously, collectors considered it less common, with a figure of 5,135,000. This revised mintage figure now places the coin among the rarer £2 coins in circulation, enhancing its desirability among collectors.

Mintage Charts: Reflecting Rarity

To provide a clear understanding of the Great Fire of London £2 coin’s rarity, the mintage charts have been updated. The coin’s new mintage figure has led to a significant jump of 15 places on the chart. Previously, it ranked in the middle, slightly rarer than the Gunpowder Plot £2 coin. Now, it stands alongside the London Underground £2 coins near the top of the mintage chart.

Scarcity Index: A Measure of Rarity

The updated mintage figures have also impacted the coin’s position on the Scarcity Index. With a movement of 4 coin places, the Great Fire of London £2 coin has experienced the most significant change on the £2 index. Its Scarcity Index score has increased from 18 to 34, almost doubling its previous ranking. This adjustment accurately reflects the coin’s scarcity and reinforces its status as a sought-after collectible.

Coin Comparisons: A Closer Look

The updated mintage figures not only affected the Great Fire of London £2 coin but also other coins from 2016. Four coins, including the Great Fire of London £2, had previously incorrect figures. However, these changes have had minimal impact on the rankings and positions of the affected coins on the Scarcity Index and mintage figure charts.

The Shakespeare £2 Coins

Among the coins affected by the updated mintage figures are the Shakespeare £2 coins. These coins have seen minor shifts in their rankings on the Scarcity Index but have maintained their overall positions on the mintage figure charts. The changes primarily resulted in a swap of positions between the two coins.

The Shakespeare Histories £2 Coin
Shakespeare Histories Design
The Shakespeare Tragedies £2 Coin
The Shakespeare Tragedies £2 Coin Design
The Shakespeare Comedies £2 Coin
The Shakespeare Comedies Design

The Peter Rabbit 50p

The updated mintage figures also impacted the 2016 Peter Rabbit 50p, albeit with a relatively small increase. This change had no significant effect on the coin’s ranking on the Scarcity Index or its position on the mintage figure chart.

2016 Peter Rabbit 50p Coin
Peter Rabbit Desing

All Image Credits – The Royal Mint

The Significance of Rarity: Collecting the Great Fire of London £2 Coin

With almost 4 million fewer Great Fire of London £2 coins in circulation than previously believed, the scarcity of this coin has increased. This revised rarity makes it even more special for collectors fortunate enough to have one in their collection. The combination of its historical significance and limited availability elevates this coin to a must-have for enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

The Great Fire of London 2016 UK £2 Coin is not merely a collectible; it encapsulates a profound chapter in England’s history with unparalleled artistry. Crafted in 22 carat gold, it stands as a testament to the city’s resilience. Aaron West’s poignant design, capturing the devastation from a distance, not only appeals to collectors but resonates with those who appreciate the historical weight it carries. The accompanying booklet, drawing from primary accounts like Samuel Pepys’ diary, enriches the coin’s significance, offering a deeper understanding of the event’s historical context.

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